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37 thoughts on “0 DTE QQQ STRATEGY”

  1. Excellent video! I started selling 0 dte QQQ covered calls last week, and your video is the only one on YouTube that really covers the strategy! Thank you so much!

  2. The Qqq 10 Delta is Never Going to Be 3% OTM. The Most I Have Seen is 1.2% Ever. Check Your Math.

  3. Picking up crumbs with egregious inefficient capital collateral utility requirement. Flip the script – BUY options directionally with asymmetry in YOUR favor.

  4. Bro, my 1DTE 10-15 deltas go double-triple digit % ROI – am eating your lunch with asymmetry in MY favor instead of crumbs collecting with false sense of comfort and negative skew fat tail distibution. To make any decent cash you have to do it in size and that's asking for a blow-up – nickels in front of steamroller.

  5. bro what you just said 3% movement is a 10 delta
    if you sell options in this way you will stastically lose more than you make when the market eventually does move 3% even if its twice a year

  6. Will your position actually get filled if you do it that way? with such a low delta?

  7. I absolutely loved this video. Seen a lot of 0DTE on the YT but never watched them bc I did not want to confuse myself anymore than I am with trying to get the strategy’s down pat with when to use what, when and how on which stocks bc now I realize not every strategy is for every stock. But this was good to know to make that profit to heal a broken loss with strategy.

  8. Just so I understand, you sold 40 puts on qqq? you would have to have over a million $ collateral for that correct?

  9. 🤣🤣 Former commodity options floor trader here(for real) and saw way too many traders carried out off of floor after losing a mountain of $$ selling OTM puts with what would seem like minimal amount of time left to expiration. Sure, it'll work for awhile and you might accumulate a bit of $$ but all it takes is that 1 day and for whatever reason, like in this dude's case, you don't truly know what you have(apparently he's got a stack of small 1 contract trades) and one of them happens to go berserk toward end of day..get ready to be sitting on a heating pad for the next few months..if your account isn't totally wiped out.

    Also, if you are to try and make pennies while risking tens of thousands, I do advise buying back short options…just makes sense.

  10. Henry, Thank you for your amazing videos. They are extremely helpful. Are there other ETFs like QQQ and SPY that offer daily option contracts?

  11. In 2022 I earned a 10% return selling 0 DTE puts and O DTE covered calls on the QQQ, SPY, TSLA and a few other high volatility stocks. I use cash-secured puts in my IRA
    and the only issue you need to be aware of is that if you are called on your stock, you need to allow enough time for the cash to be credited to your account. Failure to do this can causes trading violations and your account can be frozen. ALWAYS check your cash balance before placing a trade!

  12. When opening a DTE as in this video, do you need to close it as well or just let it expire if it is profitable?

  13. Zeros are only for the best traders. Unless you are that top tier, go with 1 or more DTE! DON'T BLOW UP YOUR ACCOUNT. Size your position properly as well.

  14. The whole “buying a stock you would LOVE to own at a lower price” is romantic nonsense….. there’s a reason you would love to own something, and by the time the market finally comes to you, the stock could be at the moon. Happens all the time, after which your love affair is over before it started…
    Obviously I turned on the rookies channel.

  15. Wall Street pitched so-called quality stocks with high profitability and low debt, as a kind of insurance against whatever the economy might throw at you. Quality stocks have underperformed the S&P500 this year, My $400k portfolio is down by approximately 20 %, any recommendations to scale up my ROI before retirement will be highly appreciated.

  16. Tried this strat, bought odte QQQ close to 3pm today while it was at 263.80, the strike for odte was 262, ultimately lost about 300%. Any suggestions on how to time entry better? Really thought I gave it enough room with only an hour left.

  17. This is NOT low risk. Do not do this unless you have been selling options for awhile. That 1 in 10 loss you will incur will wipe out your account if you don't know what you're doing.

  18. When is it safe to exit the put credit spread? I was thinking about right after a credit , is that rude? Didn't know …lmk

  19. What time of day do you typically place these trades? At open? Or do you wait a few hours?

  20. One thing to remember is that the options trading desk is open until 6pm on the day of expiration, so after the normal market close at 4pm if there are aftermarket price moves on the underlying stock (or ETF) before 6pm, your naked puts (or calls for that matter) can go in the money (after hours) and be assigned. So, on the next morning you can find that you own (or are short in the case of exercised calls) hundreds of shares.

  21. the final sentence perhaps is the most key takeaway moment in doing 0DTE. I can do put credit spreads on a 0DTE to too instead of weekly call credit spreads!

  22. I'm so happy I made productive decisions about my finances that changed my life forever. I'm a single mother living in Canada, bought my second house in September and hoping to retire this year at 49 if things keep going smoothly for me.

  23. I did an AMZN put credit spread and got assigned at expiration 😢it was moving against me and I didn’t manage it.

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