0DTE options trading strategy (Easy Fix for Losing Trades)

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25 thoughts on “0DTE options trading strategy (Easy Fix for Losing Trades)”

  1. Whats gonna happen if there is a whiplash? – after you manage then the index drops sharply and go towards your long puts?

  2. I don't normally trade 0DTE but I started trading them about a month ago. I found an opportunity in the Q's the other day that every indicator said was perfect for an IC. I placed my order and got it filled at a better price than I expected. It was trading all day in the range I expected. I had everything ready if it started to move outside that range with Seth saying "Risk Management" "Have an exit strategy" over and over again in my head. I had been on a winning streak for the past month. About 90 minutes before the market closed I had to go into a meeting. No sooner did I sit down here comes Seth again in my head "You won't win them all but just make sure the loss doesn't wipe out your wins. I knew right then something was wrong. I finished my meeting and my coworker said your alert kept going off but I didn't know what to do. I said "well go listen to Seth at SMB on YouTube so you can fix it next time" He is now trading options and said to me "every time I enter a contract I keep hearing Seth say "Risk Management"". Thanks Seth.

  3. I'm thinking of putting some cash in stocks, I was at Salt Shack and I overheard some friends saying it's ripe enough, but Is this a good time to buy stocks? Iโ€™ve been sitting on over $545K equity from a home sale and Iโ€™m not sure where to go from here, is it a good time to buy into stocks or do I wait for another opportunity?

  4. So confused! Why would you ever hold a 0dte until 4pm???? I never heard of that! Isnt that insanely risky?

  5. Big thanks for this inspiring video. I am trying it on paper account since some time. It looks higly profitable in chop market as you say. But when I try it on SPY, I got always assigned -100 shares. Doeas it mean that this strategy is good only for SPX?

  6. To do all this you need min a 10k account or margin and level 3 options level correct? I get you can manage the trade on the fly just need to know what I need to be able to use all these strategies

  7. increased losses for portfolios this quarter are predicted by market drops, skyrocketing inflation, a major interest rate hike by the Fed, andI rising treasury rates. How can I profit from the volatile market right now? I'm still considering whether to sell my million dollar bond and stock account.

  8. Nice. I am learning a lot of good stuff here. I know option strategies but I always keep finding something new.

    I have to test this butterfly to condor rolls. Will do some test trades and see how it goes.

    Thank you for this.

  9. I use Iron condors frequently which is similar. What I often do is if the price action penetrates the short put or call, I use indicators like the MACD and the TNN Squeeze to signal if the price is going to continue in the current direction. If so then I close that part of the trade and let the long option ride. I did this today and turn what looked like a sure $1600 loss into a $300 gain in about 15 minutes. BTW nice video but it would be MUCH easier to following if you used charts to illustrate your actions.๐Ÿ˜€

  10. You don't have to roll that upper leg, you can close it strategically for a minimal loss or even profit if your timing is good. Before doing these, you need to understand a great deal about what makes the market move and to what levels it is likely to move to that day or that week or that month. For this reason, this is an advanced technique and should not be entered into lightly – you can lose ALOT of money doing these in a matter of minutes. Get a guru or join a group that studies the market so you can learn about what is involved, and you will increase your chance of success by 1000 percent.

  11. What camera did you use to shoot this video. Can you please share! Thank you for the into also!

  12. yea you all show the 40% day profits, but still waste time making videos, because videos pays way more than your "40%" a day strategies ๐Ÿ™‚ even 1% a day would make you a billionair if you could prove it. How many stupid kids these days still believe in this sht

  13. Has anyone tried to fix the losing trade? I tried, but it was not a winning trade even with a small profit as the video mentioned. I think the problem is that when one side leg is tested, you will already be at a loss depending on how fast or slow the stock moves. So, if we close that leg and turn it into an IC, the loss you already had is bigger, and it will be hard to cover the loss and get a small profit even if the stock moves within the IC short legs. Has anyone tried his rolling?

  14. This would not work guys unless the stock trades close to the middle put and call . In most cases they donโ€™t . SMB can be so ridiculous itโ€™s a shame

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