10$ to $1000 | Best binary options strategy 2022 | Compounding …

Based on – 10$ to $10000 | Best binary options strategy 2022 | Compounding ?? For extra benefits and fast withdrawal you can …

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  1. Maine demo account pe compounding shuru Kari thi… $10000 se and aaj ki tareek mai 6200$ pe hu…YouTube pe log pata nahi kaun si jaadu ki chadi ghoomatae hai?

  2. Investing in stocks and crypto markets is the best financial decisions any can make but the crypto market is much more better than anything else at the moment….!!!!

  3. Bhai dosauterah name ka channel hai usne 1$ ko 11,000 $ bana diya tha 12 minutes ki video me .
    Uski accuracy bahut jyada thi but mujhe pata hai ek baar me compounding nahi hai ..
    Us bande ka luck bhi tha 2 baar Bach Gaya tha loss karte karte

  4. Beside money management we need to know the time of trade expiry. That is the most important. Just need to follow bear or bull flag in binary options. That must be 5 to 15 min candle. 1min 2 or 3 min candles are difficult to tackle. We also need to change pairs for trading and need to see different forex pairs to find best opportunities. I am new for binary options / options but I am learning right now. I am already good with day trading now a days !

  5. Bhai apko knowledge hai nahi hai aur , compounding krne ja rahe ho , agr tumhe knowledge hota to ye faltu ki strategy pr time waste nahi krte , market aise faltu strategy pr nahi chalta bro , price action valume sb matter krta hai , to bhai galti tumhri hai tumhe knowledge nahi hai ..

    Aur hasi muje tum pr AAA rahi hai ?

  6. If I enjoy this privilege all alone, it shows how ungrateful I am because I got my breakthrough from a post been posted online as well and recommendation i saw too. All thanks to the good job of Mr Patrick Elvis. Trade with Mr Patrick.

  7. No disrespect, but i don't think that anyone is telling you to do compounding in your $ 10 account, I am also watching this series and i also think that you are going slow, instead of taking just 3-4 trades per day you should increase the amount of trades you are taking per day. Also, about your rules, I suggest you not to fix a profit limit. Just fix a loss limit for the day, the loss target will keep moving up as you gain profit, if you are getting profits you continue taking more trades and if you lose you have your fixed loss target after which you could stop for the day.
    Keep up the good work though, there is lot we are learning from you…

  8. avi bhai kya kar rahe ho 1 min me aap 2000 ki trade le rahe ho aapke pass balence esliye aap martingal kar rahe dekhate dekhate desh se do lakh ka loss aap kar chuke ho aap bhi toh martingal kar rahe ho agar aap bina live video ke trading karate toh better rehata

  9. avi bhai ue jo 1$ se lekar 1000 $ tak video dalate he inko company ne special account banake diya he aur ye video shayad edit bhi karke dalate he

  10. Very bad when you get profit learn to belive that it your new capital instead of taking uneven risk with it

  11. Hi
    Arvind Bhai kaise ho?
    I have question ❓
    Hum jo payment Olym trading account me karte he uska profit and loss ka statment company se milega ?
    Mere CA ask me because my bank
    entery shown entry about forex account.
    I am waiting for ur response.

  12. I'll never stop recommending you for being so legit and standing on your words honest people like you are rare Sir thanks for the funds may God keep up this unit till forever

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  15. The whole theory of money is basically built around investing and saving but I’ll rather have the formal in play than the later simply because of it’s ability to yield more interest in growth than the nickels the banks gives as interest for saving

  16. Since the day I started flipping with you ‚I know l've changed that really helped me to become a better person inside and out, you are the one of the reasons why I'm always trying my best, Thanks so much you know I appreciate in so many ways because you have done so much for me

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