100% Profitable Monthly Income for Working people || Zero Loss Op…

100% Profitable Monthly Income for Working people || Zero Loss Option Strategies || Option Hedging Disclaimer : I am NOT a …

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  1. Mr john david is the best, recommending him to all beginners who wants to recover losses like I did

  2. Do live trading,tabhito dekhenge loss hoga k nehi,aj opstra ye data dikharahahe,next day market open hone k bad opstion factors change hoga,data bhi jo zero loss he o loss me ayega

  3. Sir, I am exactly doing the same as you did in the video, but it does not show any profit. i tried liquid stocks like LT, Reliance from Arbitrage Moneycontrol site. What am i doing wrong. Please help.

  4. The trade is practically not possible….. show the same thing on Live market.

  5. This wont work for all arbitrage stocks. Few more condition i noticed is PE price should be > CE price. Then only its profitable i guess

  6. Aapki hindi itni pyaari hai…English me video kya Telangi madrasi logo ke liye banaye kya….

  7. Do we need to hold it to the expiry day to get maximum profit or we have to exit from the position on or before the last Tuesday before the expiry as the margin charged by brokers shoots up drastically on the penultimate day and the expiry day?

  8. wrong information: Option price decided on future price only. So there will not be difference in future and option. Even if you check during month beginning / near month end same result due to option liquidity and Opstra price issues. Dont fool people in the name of arbitrage. You can not do this kind of arbitrage with future and options alone. Future Short and Cash buy works, but it needs huge capital.

  9. dear friend …. its good for academics …very difficult to execute the trade in running market ….. one need algo …manually it cant be done



  11. This type of strategy use for liquid stocks and options like nifty, banknifty, reliance, hdfc etc and at starting of month or when more difference in cash and future rate

  12. Tata chemical's option are not liquid…. Isme fas jaoge…. Ya to buy back nahi hoga option ka…. Aur isme last me cash backing hona chahiye

  13. Not work kyuki agar stock vahi rhta h to call otm h Puri 0 n put ATM rahegi to 0 nhi hogi over all loss hoga

  14. Margin requirements jo dikh raha hai same hoga kya but future and options sell karne may positional bahot jayda margin lagta hai pls explain

  15. Sir when i build this strategy on Opstra it's looks good and shows in profit, but when i take take the same trade in Neostox it's shows in loss, please can you explain us sir why it's happening and also the estimated margin showing wrong in Opstra.

  16. You will never get the correct price in the live market. Arbritrage is not for small traders. There are big institutions and mutual funds just looking for this opportunity and the arbritrage vanishes in seconds.

  17. Sir,
    We need to buy the call at lower price and short the put at very high price. Orelse it will be loss for us if it is in reverse condition

  18. Sir, if we deploy this strategy in Nifty weekly expiry will we not get return on weekly basis

  19. In live Market it's very deficult to implement …. price is very fluctuating…so plz if possible 1 time u make a video mast n live Market

  20. i have applied on nifty weekly march 4 expiry and the graph is showing same with 2000 profit but now showing 700 loss currently. the profit will come only on expiry day? Please reply.

  21. सर मनी कंट्रोल के arbitrage के कई स्टॉक्स पर opstra में प्रॉफिट show करती है कुछ पर थोड़ा सा loss दिखाती है हालाँकि उस स्टॉक का फ्यूचर price हाई है and स्पॉट price लो है please clerify क्या कारण है।

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