$10,000 to $20,000 Day Trading Options in 10 Days | Stock Market …

to $20000 Day Trading Options in the Stock Market in 10 DAYS! Sign up for our Discord to trade with us! We also have weekly webinars where you can get your …

13 thoughts on “$10,000 to $20,000 Day Trading Options in 10 Days | Stock Market …”

  1. Can confirm Jay’s discord is high quality from the daily plans to the voice chat and the webinars. Highly recommend it to every trader who wants to take this seriously and improve

  2. How you think AMZN might behave tomorrow ( Sept 10th) or early next week ?. Any key levels to watch ?

  3. Hello jay. Thank you for keep your channel update. Can I ask is there any podcasts or audiobook do you listen before you sleep?

  4. Hey Jay, can you post a video about your trading journey, how did you start, your struggles and at what point you started making profit and how it happened…

  5. Man I’ve been following you since you left SML. Amazing journey. Congrats on everything, your my inspiration

  6. Could you clarify what you mean when you say you were treating your existing account like a $10K account? You said, "I wasn't allowed to take a single position worth more than $10K". Does this mean that you could take a $9K position in TSLA and then a $9K position in $NVDA? OR does this mean if you took a $9K position in TSLA then you could only take a $1K max in NVDA?

  7. You just took the notch up for your channel by being transparent about your broker statements. Great video Mate!

  8. Jay, how long is your avergae hold period in the day? Are you more of a scalper or or do you hold most of the day/half the day?

  9. Did you actively incorporate a snowball strategy with position sizing? For example, was your position size a set percentage of your capital like 50% of capital per trade and as your account increased did you increase your position size or were your position sizes varying and not as strict?

  10. Jay, if you could post your yearly pnl , i would really appreciate it. You are my inspiration.

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