$100,000 A Month with Stock Options Trading

How I Made $100000 A Month with Options Trading | Revealing My Portfolio Options Trading Course …

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  1. I joined your Academy last night. I have to say all you’re videos are great so far. You give so much detail on understanding. You’re a great teacher. Can’t wait to go home and work on it some more.

  2. please explain which indicators and parameters you use to make these put sales?
    Its obviously 1-3 parameters, otherwice you will not beable to make so make trades 🙂
    please advice. Your addr are great and explain alot valuable stuff, but if you concentrate on specific parameters you use, it will be alot more clear. THANKS ALOT !!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

  3. This video is super helpful. Thanks so much for sharing. Can I ask if you know if any platform that allows options trading in Europe!? I don't have access to robinhood here in Ireland

  4. Half a million in Tesla cash secured put collateral. Holy shit. With your 1m+ size portfolio, I could easily bring in about 150k/mo doing a similar strategy.

  5. You should start a separate group that does only selling puts. Collude with each other to select the best stocks and best strikes. Also, you mentioned watching other YTer’s. What other YouTubers do you watch? Thanks for showing us what is possible.

  6. The reason for having a trading strategy is to eliminate the possibility of you making emotional or irrational decisions. Decisions are made based on careful collection of predetermined parameters that are developed with clear thinking. it also involves careful analysis of these indices to help your decision making. Without this type of strategy, you might not know what works or why. Even if you do, it will be difficult to repeat it. and that is why many lose. Mr. Jerry chin taught me everything I know today, he will not only manage your account but also teach you how to read markets and trade successfully  if you are interested to make huge profit and trade successfully and you can recover all you lost kindly Email: jerrychin242@gmail.comWhatsApp: +1(323)406-1065

  7. Hi Henry, I have some questions about your trading course but do not use Instagram. Can I email or contact you a different way? Let me know if possible and how you prefer to do so. THank you

  8. Hey Henry, how far out of the money should I choose for a strike price when selling a covered call after exercising a put when using the wheel?

  9. Dude , I like your vid but you know there a bunch of free to learning option like TD amiritrade. Just a small info for your audience . Sell only high volatility , watch for liquidity , as for cover call sell company that dont move up too fast like apple nice and slow .

  10. Hey Henry love your content & I went to sign up for the options course and noticed it asks for a coupon code, I swear I’ve binged all of your videos over the past week or so and don’t recall a mention of a coupon. Did I miss something?? How much would I save with one & where do I get one? Thanks for all you do.

  11. Never heard how you actually made 147k. Are you trading puts on margin? What kind of Delta, or probability of being OTM are you setting your trades at? What mix of weeklies, monthlies, puts, calls, credit spreads are you using? I'm curious how tight you are trading to the stock price and how much Theta decay you are picking up.

  12. When Elon Musk does all the work and you're just there selling options for $20 to $70 bucks, oh, and courses hahahhaha. Tesla has been 70% of my gains, yeah right, more like 92% at that rate. CAPPP

  13. If ur selling 9 calls in tesla u must have ur strikes way way otm if 9 sells is only 500 to 1500 a Week u can really make 9000 a week or more…I do 4 cc but I wanna make 4000 atleast… I have 1000 nio 400 tesla I do the same thing sell covered calls…

  14. Ive been on a streak of $1,000+ gains a week with my trade team currently at 35 people as of today! Lots of progression and only increasing by the weeks! If you have any interest of being apart of the team check it out at Patreon.com/IMIT or Follow me on Instagram @Xriverax19

  15. The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine. Successful people do daily what the unsuccessful only do occasionally!

  16. This is only in a good month, TSLA can't go up every month like this. I appreciate the video but not sale-out to your course.

  17. Can you recommend some stocks that have options atleast weekly, I know SPY has expiration dates like every 2 or 3 days

  18. I'm pretty new to option trading but if you do a lot of cash secure puts, from my understanding you need a lot of capital set aside.

  19. I’m confused. Your link says “Join today for a special introductory price of just
    $229!” Yet when I go to pay it say I agree to pay 4 weeks at $229? So which is it? If it’s 4 weeks at $229 I’d say your initial statement is misleading. Clarification would help a lot.

  20. Nice vid, how do you pick the strikes on you’re covered calls or cash secured puts? Resistance/ support on a 4hr chart? I have 200 shares of nio, nndm, spce, aqb, srne, the wheel strat sounds like a winning strat. Thanks!

  21. “When you buy calls you have a higher chance of losing money versus puts where you can make weekly income” –

    If you want to be the best youtuber showing people options trading then I think you should fix that statement because we know it’s not very accurate.
    Depending on your strategy you can make weekly income on calls just like you can with puts.

  22. Awesome! I know you didn't have to do that, but we appreciate the transparency. I can see in your videos you really want to help other people! Keep up the excellent work! Many thanks in advance!!

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