$10,125 PROFIT Trading Options Using Supply & Demand Zones

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38 thoughts on “$10,125 PROFIT Trading Options Using Supply & Demand Zones”

  1. what broker are you using for futures? think or swim has great charting, but the buying power requirements on futures are kinda insane

  2. I think that Wednesday we all Took L’s since the feds were speaking later that day. I’ve learnt that news always trumps technicals so on days that we have a clear direction. ..This setup works like a mf!!!

  3. hello carmine, question, what are your thoughts on using futures options? Ive been thinking about aabout this because with trading options on futures and below the 25k pdt rule, closing options on futures can be closed intraday without violating the pdt, and this can be a good opportunity to use options.

  4. Best content for trading options on YT!! Hands down! Highly recommend the course to everyone that sees this. Pays for itself in a day of trading

  5. You’re style and lessons changed my life. You can use this strategy on any platform, any chart, any time frame and you get the same results. That says everything right there.

    Man, Thanks again for what you do! Wish you and your family very the best.

  6. Carmine thank you so much for making your videos. You have been the best resource throughout my trading journey and I am eternally grateful for what you do! Cheers bro

  7. All I wanna say for real is thank you so much man, the effort you put to provide this info is amazing. is it possible to join the discord chat without buying the course? thanks

  8. Does this guy not post his losses? I don't see one single thumbnail that says he had a red day. The only thing that comes close is "-$XXX Loss into $XXXXXX WIN".

  9. Demand and supply cant find it all the market days , how do you trade the other days , any other stragety

  10. Selling the demand zone is starting to work because of the bear market conditions. It is just question of keep working on the chart and using the heat volume maps from Bookman (or Motivewave which I use), and see those orders disappearing in front of you

  11. It’s great that you are willing to also share when your trade doesn’t work out. Your training is the best bang for the buck out there. So glad I joined.

  12. Thanks to point out to be very cautious when playing put inside demand zone. I learned my lesson and got out quickly.

  13. Third!!

    Thanks for the great insight Carmine. I read the market wrong today but managed to still come out green trading supply/ demand.

  14. When I look at your chart break downs lately ive been only seeing the S/D imbalances. I used to see 1hr, 1day, 45mins supply and demand etc. Do you still use those order block supply and demand zones or just imbalances now??

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