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31 thoughts on “+$1,081 Day Trading Options $TSLA | Scalp Trading Options Strateg…”

  1. Very nice video Matt!
    You trade on Interactive Brokers right? It would be really nice if you made a video where you shortly show and describe your exact setup on the platform and how it is used for options trading…

  2. Your videos are genuine and so easy to understand. Thanks. Is your platform Interactive Broker?

  3. Hey Matt when you were under PDT did you swing the options or did you just do your 3 round trips and waited the 5 days?

  4. Matt, when you are setting levels of PM high and low do you account for AH the day before? Normal equities are not so hard to tell the difference but something like SPY and any other 24hr instrument, just curious what you would set in those?

  5. Do you trade current week's options on expiration day? My thought is that on a Friday, it might be better to trade the following week's expiration. IF IF a trade goes against you, especially with TSLA which moves around a lot, you have a bit more time to get out of the trade. Maybe even cost average down if needed.

  6. I think your recaps are more than good enough bro, don’t get caught up on the live trading vids. Love the content 🤙

  7. Do you have a video on your thinkorswim chart setup? I'm looking at my SPY thinkorswim charts with the same time frame setup and your candlestick wicks look way longer than mine, but I wasn't sure why that is or if that's important.

  8. I don't want you to feel like you have to do live trading,because I am here for the psychology and analysis of trades. That's what helps me the most. Thanks for posting the helpful videos.

  9. TSLA and I are at odds lately in my live account lol. Paper, I win 85% of the time. Need to back off for a bit and re evaluate as it definitely causes my biggest losses. EXCELLENT job Matt, on ALL trades. Taking the quick loss to keep it small is tough, but you are doing it more and more consistently. That's awesome!! Good luck next week man!!

  10. Hi Matt I have the same flush out from Tesla like you from your first trade haha

  11. i use to trade the ORB the best way to trade it to wait at least 15 min after market open all the chaser will get out of there trades … btw thanks for the great recap

  12. Keep up the good work, Mat. You do an excellent job narrating the recorded screen activity. It flows well and I find it quite insightful.

  13. Love how you talk through your mistakes. I agree on 100% of what you’re saying because I do the same thing and I’ve learned not to, especially not selling quick enough.

  14. nice trade!! You should really listen to deep pockets by drake its really motivating and calms my stress levels with trading

  15. I’m learning tons with you. Had a great day today, green.! Tempted to jump back in for more but kept hearing your voice telling me to walk away. Love the technicals and you repetitive reasoning and explanations. Really appreciate you. Thanks.!

  16. great trades Matt, I prefer your recap videos over live trade videos. Your commentary in the recap is much more in depth and helpful so go with what works best for you.

  17. I like your recaps. Live trading is nice, but I would rather you be at your best instead concentrating on what to say. Keep up the good work!

  18. WOW,,, I can’t believe there is another person who trades like me…… That’s exactly what I trade. Long Calls & Long Puts… mostly on the $SPY but stocks too….. but what’s interesting is executions are much faster then mine and you get filled quickly…. I chase the price on volatile stocks. Sometimes I cancel and replace my order 10 times…. by time I get filled depending on the spread. The price action has already changed direction. Ugh!

  19. Yeah, don’t do live trading if it has any impact on your p&l. I would rather you kick ass in this adventure than to sacrifice for our sake.

  20. You have mastered tsla Matt! Tesla is also my best stock to trade, always have consistent profit with tsla. keep up the great work.

  21. bro im down in st george just started day trading reach out to me and let setup something you help me and i pay for your time

  22. You’re probably asked this all the time, but, I couldn’t find an answer through the comments or videos I watched. Why are you trading options instead of just stocks? Obviously the pdt/cash settle times are of no concern to you now. And I assume you don’t need the leverage at this point either. Tsla,ba are not too volatile to need the protection of an option and you don’t let the losses get out of hand. The spreads on options are somewhat bad though. Thanks for doing the videos. They’re nice and to the point.

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