$13,000 October Options Income | Questrade | Live Trading #18

Welcome to episode #18 of my options trading series, where I break down my income for the month of October. I was able to make …

14 thoughts on “$13,000 October Options Income | Questrade | Live Trading #18”

  1. Thanks for watching, not a lot of learning in this video but these are apparently the most popular?!? Everyone sees my weekly trades but the important question is 'how much did you make thoughhhhh'. I appreciate everyone using my referral code to sign up for Questrade! It really helps, we both get a little somethin' somethin'. Please use this Questrade link to sign up and get $50 in free commissions: https://www.questrade.com/campaigns/qbaffl50t102?refid=5e5d0dd4ca8de&a_bid=bff58c70

  2. Bassem – continuing to crush it — you might want to block some of the spam comments on this video though…

  3. Awesome video πŸ›Ž Keep up the amazing content πŸ’• please don’t be a stranger 😏 can’t wait for more content!!!

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  5. Great video, I like how you've equated time with how much you can earn. Because honestly, when you are doing day trading or options trading it takes time and effort to make money on trades. Also I should watch more of your videos in case I get another shout out :p. Like-22

  6. dope gains man, if i had that coming from trading consistently I would def quit the office job πŸ˜†

  7. Congratulations on a fantastic month. October was my best month so far as well. It's just getting easier it seems.

  8. what delta do you pick for your naked/covered calls/puts? Do you do the same for your strangles?

  9. "Naked call" can be misconstrued for the non-personal-finance audience πŸ˜… but love seeing these progress videos on profit! Your videos on cash secured puts in the past have been really helpful, and it's great to see them working so well and bringing in that profit. Great October income Bassem, definitely keep these update videos coming!

  10. Yea I have trouble making up my spreadsheet so it is easy to see and understand with cc's too.

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