$25,000 to $100,000 Trading Options

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40 thoughts on “$25,000 to $100,000 Trading Options”

  1. From my perspective, this highlights the importance of having a competitive advantage as investors. Merely mirroring the market strategies of others is insufficient in achieving optimal results. I am currently grappling with the decision to invest in the current market, as it presents both uncertainty and opportunity. Could you share your insights on this matter?

  2. Amazing video, The market is volatile at this time, hence I will recommend getting yourself a financial analyst that can help you manage your funds & make you good returns and help you avoid losses..

  3. the market is very volatile at this point, I will advise you to proceed with care and avoid losses

  4. Our government has no idea about the inflation in the country , This administration lack the internet of the citizens , most families are struggling to survive ,. I appreciate Mrs Necole Sheryl kumarz for been a helped to me with your advices imagine investing $ 1000 and receiving $ 8,500 .

  5. great TA on BAC. it is also supported from fundamental side (financials oversold due to the regional bank turmoil), BAC is cheap also on a DCF basis.

  6. Hello what are your setting please for –

    – Bollinger Bands?

    – Moving Average?



    Many thanks

  7. Do you dabble in short strangles? I do this over just selling puts alone. I love the eztra premium and different management strategies.

  8. This is what I’m looking for I’m 20 with a 40k portfolio looking to build it to 100k

  9. love your vids always but i do have to disagree with 10% in a trade. a little high for my liking. i'd say 2-5% for a net of safety unless you're real confident

  10. ***To be able to stay at the top of 10% traders making consistent profits a lot of research, sacrice, discipline and commitment have to be in place. Someone like Reim have paid their price in the industry and that’s why I have absolute respect for him and his unique hedge fund strategy he applies in his trade management

  11. Hi Henry.
    Another great video!
    Your Discord and Options Learning Library series are worth every penny you charge.
    You can make 2x, 5x, 50x your investment if you do the work and “pay attention in class”
    You’ve been a big part of my options education.
    One of if the best things is you control your risk by the delta you write at!

  12. Henry – I ❤ your channel and wheel strategies. I have adapted your strategies on weeklies for stocks with $1-6 strikes going for uptrending stocks with juicy premiums and have averaged 3-5% growth PER week since the beginning of the year. Thank you so much for a low stress strategy and methodology that simply works. I started with replicated $6k accounts for each of my family members and kids and they are all already almost to $10k. Compounding growth should hopefully make all of us multimillionaires in just a few years

  13. Do you let the credit spreads expire themselves when they are out of the money on the expiration day?

  14. Hey I love your content, just curious what percentage do you leave as cash in your portfolio

  15. So i tradet 20 options and made a profit of 8% can i know say that my „system“ works? How much more have i to do to say that?

  16. uncle Henry! $ben backed by BITBOY 🍻 no1 trending in dextools 16mil mcap 🍺 buy while you can this is pepe only few days launched still early

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