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  1. It’s obvious that you are well versed in options trading ,,, however this is not a way to teach others ,,,specially options Need actual step by step examples ,,, just explaining it ,,, won’t do ,,, this is complex and abstract subject,,, I would’ve picked up some coaching ,,but this way of teaching is not comprehensive. Thanks

  2. to calculate profit on an otm call/ putt you forgot to implement gamma, cause delta increases with every dollar the underlying grows

  3. I’ve been trying to unlock level 3 trading for over a year I’ve contacted support, bought and sold 20+ contracts with 10 of them being very successful trades. I’ve changed my questionnaire every couple of months and no matter what I do I can’t unlock it. I’d greatly appreciate any advise from anyone.

  4. I still can’t comprehend why you dont have more subs. You are actually helping people like me. Great content. I love your newer videos but decided to time travel back.

  5. Why do you keep saying that Credit spreads need less collateral?! NO. It depends on your account type and broker.
    Interactive brokers on cash accounts consider collateral for Credit spread as collateral needed for sold option. So, this is just a CSP with fixed risks.
    In order to reduce collateral, you need margin account.
    So, why don’t you mention this important fact?

  6. Hello, I'm new to stocks trade and l've been making huge losses but recently I see a lot of people earning from it. please can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong

  7. I have watched others' vids that say they buy calls and then turn right around and sell these same calls for a profit–no waiting for weeks or months. I have gone through several 'pretend' buy-then-sell calls, and if they were real, they would have amounted to nothing, or even a loss. Yet there's people who say this is all they do. Will you make a video showing how this is done? Thanks.

  8. I love every word you say. It is both interesting and really informative. I do have one small problem though. You speak incredibly FAST! Maybe I am just old, or slow or something. I have tried to slow your instructions down to 75% speed, but then you look and sound like you are drunk. 😀

  9. In your Selling Put Options video you were selling Weekly Put Options (7 Days) but in your recent option videos you're saying to sell (30 – 45 days) out. Could you care to explain why the change?

  10. I have never traded options but I do swing trade more like an options trader. I don’t know how to estimate timeline, direction is tough enough

  11. If amd runs up again I’m going sell a call credit spread on it. I missed out last week cause I was chicken. It s going be hard to get a level 3 account to sell spreads with only 1 k on your account

  12. love your videos! i am using the wheel strategy now, but maybe I would like to see more of LEAPS.(im a bit slow so couldnt understand the video you made previously. What happens if one forgets to sell the call option before expiration date? it just expires? if its ITM will it be assigned?)Would love to see a step by step tutorial for dummies

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