$4,000 PROFIT Trading Options Using Supply & Demand Imbalance…

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27 thoughts on “$4,000 PROFIT Trading Options Using Supply & Demand Imbalance…”

  1. Can you also post the loss, not just profit? May I know your annual % return using your strategy? Thanks

  2. Hi there i have a question about your classes/mentorship. Are the classes one on one live?

  3. @ Carmine- May I ask, when you are selecting your positons, are you trading 0dte?, because i can't seem to see how to get the 100-300% return in a move during intraday with anything other than 0dte, and if you are, how did you build up the nerves to trade these, because they are super volatile to me. Just asking

  4. Can you please provide a link to the video or article where you teach how to draw supply and demand zones?

  5. at 8:44 in the video which shows that sell off from 9:45 to 9:52 that would count as institutional selling right? i don't think any retail traders can dump it by $12 like that please correct me if im wrong.

  6. Great info Carmine! Been busy with new (other than day trading) job for last month. . . glad AAPL is (sorta) getting out of its funk from what little I have seen, though still overall pretty choppy. Hope there will be some good plays when I get back into trading next week, BUT will take what market gives me and not trade on hope or FOMO. Amazing how taking a month off from trading (by necessity– not choice) gives me some clarity and forces me to see the bigger picture and wider market context. Still love to keep up with the market storytelling whether I'm trading or not, so feel that is a great sign!

  7. Very nice informative vid again! Thnx again! May I ask, What do you think is the best time frame to draw supply and demand? Daily/4 HR/1hr? Anything smaller can get a little bit noisy I guess?

  8. Could you technically just use volume profile to just find where it will reject/ gravitate to? Is this basically what your doing

  9. for qqq and spy options online it shows for a $1 move on spy or qqq the contracts move roughly 50 cents in the money same day expiry…… Do you find the moves similar ?

  10. will be joining the chat room soon stay tuned 😀 like your trading style supply demand zones def want to learn more from you

  11. I'm new to options, can someone point me in the right direction to learn how to trade options in a day trading environment like this?

  12. spy went absolutely insane today. puts went 100% +. i bought puts at open cuz i saw confirmation and it was at a supply zone, but then i paper handed when i saw the small pullback in the first 10 mins?

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