$4,750 PROFIT Trading Options Using Supply & Demand Zones

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29 thoughts on “$4,750 PROFIT Trading Options Using Supply & Demand Zones”

  1. Nice stuff Carmine!!!! Loving your tips. One question I have is… what are the measurements for your Supply and Demand zones?

  2. for some reason, i just love buying puts in demand zones because i feel like its gnna push through lmao, i need to fkn stop

  3. Have you ever had problems with bad fills and slippage on think or swim. I here a lot of people complain about it and have had some issues myself. Thinking of switching brokers

  4. Can you tell me when exactly you plan on raising your prices? How much are you raising it? I’ve been looking forward to buying your course soon but I don’t have the extra cash just yet.

  5. how do you create the pre market plan? is it just price with time and volume consolidating and understanding the market direction and stop losses?

  6. Excellent, as always. Question regarding your comment about the stop loss (around 10:08) – why couldn’t the stop loss be at that prior green candle with the long wick? Why would it need to be as high as you drew it? Would stop out to fast? (Sorry hard to see the price value because it’s low res, but talking about that green wick half way between the two circled areas)

  7. Not Gna lie. First time trying supply and demand and goddam that was lovely. Best part was with conviction???? Keep it up

  8. Carmine , excellent i was in the trade going into vwap !!!! Your dropping Golden Nuggets my friend…… thank you !!!

  9. Carmine, do you have any past videos about using Active Trader to play the short side? My question, if you don't, is buying at (bid/ask) the equivalent of going short and selling at (bid/ask) the equivalent to covering? Thanks in advance.

  10. @carmine / anybody , may i know how do i set the same volume bar pressure (green vs red) in webull interface ? or it is just available in TOS

  11. Nice video . I never play Nasdaq especially on sloppy days.

    Can we join the discord? Is there an invite link?

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