5/5 Trading Options Using Supply & Demand Imbalances || QQQ A…

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20 thoughts on “5/5 Trading Options Using Supply & Demand Imbalances || QQQ A…”

  1. Hi Carmine this is off topic but do we need to use the s&p futures chart in order to make trades off the $SPY itself or is that your personal preference? I started following your methods but I’ve been chatting off the $SPY itself. Thanks.

  2. When you do these trade videos could you add in the part where you draw the supply/demand zones i think that’s the most important part

  3. Can you do a video on how and when to enter the market? Certain candle stick formation or volume indications we should look for in supply and demand

  4. I'm not seeing where that FB demand zone would be created for 1H. I have it in a totally different place. How'd you get that?

  5. do u have a video showing how to find and or chart supply and demand?? do u just find common support and resistance on a daily chart?

  6. Great vid Carmine. The work you put into sharing your knowledge is appreciated …gratitude.

  7. I was playing SPY today and because of learning S/D, I knew where it was gonna break upward and I knew where it was gonna slow down and was able to go 6/6 today and profit 54% on my formerly $400 account. Thanks for these resources

  8. Hello, is it possible to get a trial for your discord, like maybe 2 days to a week maybe. I'm really debating on whether or not I should buy and join the discord. I don't want to listen to just others simply saying "Oh it's super worth it". I've fallen for that too many times so I want to find out myself. If you would be willing to offer me a trial, my discord is DescTheDesk#7960. Thanks man, enjoy the vids

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