5 Minute Crazy Method | Binary Options Trading Strategy

Hello everyone, my name is Katie and you are on Katietutorials. In today’s video, I will show you three completely different …

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  1. Πολύ καλή δουλειά ελληνίδες είσαι γιατί δεν κανείς κανένα βίντεο στα ελληνικά

  2. katie , voce tem um curso ? Seu conteudo muito bom ! aqui no Brasil muita gente nao sabe nada e vende cursos … ?? tudo de bom e obrigado por tudo !!

  3. Hi Katie, there is a YouTube channel, i don't know if it's you, it's called Kattie Tuttorials, it's marketing an app for signals

  4. Hey Katie, I love your videos and the way you trade. Thanks for showing us all of this knowledge and experience. I was wondering if someone can copy your social trades on Pocket Option?? Best regards

  5. hello how can I communicate with you the telegram does not appear send me your telegram to communicate with you

  6. I think I found the best teacher in the Binary Option. You Are the Best Katie. I want to copy your strategies or learn how to trade binary options from you. If you have a course please tell me.

    Hugs from Cape Verde!

  7. hello katie do you know if it is possible to trade binary options in ireland?

    I'm Brazilian and I think about traveling there

  8. Hey katie, your videos are so helpful❤️❤️ but as a beginner i am unable to use these indicators effectively. Could you please share your account id so that i can copy your trades please ?

  9. hello… Katie, congratulations on your work… I was at iqoption.. I'm trading now at Pocket option.. I really like your operacinais… I'm from Brazil.. I have a channel here on youtube..

  10. Hi, been watching for a couple weeks now. I thought I found a method of yours that I was comfortable with and this one tops it. Explaining HOW the indicators work and what you look for is something a lot of traders assume everyone already knows. Thank you for this

  11. Is there a way to copy trade with you on pocket options ? And does this methodz work on otc ? Also which pairs, days and time does this method work best at ?

  12. Quanto vc demorou para chegar nessa fase ganho , sabemos que não é tão fácil assim, que Deus te abençoe ??

  13. Hi mam , my question was if really make that type of profits from trade as we can see in the vedios. How it would be if you make telegram private group and you will tell us about the signal. So we can also make that much profit, even if you make paid group , i am ready to join ?

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