5 Minute Scalping Strategy **HIGHEST WIN RATE**

Finally a 5 Minute scalping strategy that works! This video highlights one of the best 5 Minute scalping strategies that can be used …

40 thoughts on “5 Minute Scalping Strategy **HIGHEST WIN RATE**”

  1. How important are the arrows? There's been a few times everything lines up, but no arrow. Should I wait for the arrow every time? Thanks

  2. Hi Arty.
    Firstly, thanks so much for the info. I'm new to trading and busy with back testing. The way you teach and explain things is really amazing.
    When using the RSI as a confluence, when you say above or below the 50 are you referring to the floating 50 or the 50 line itself?
    Thank you.

  3. Ho wo add your indicators.
    I click on the link and it shows a sheet of codes. That i don't know what to do with them.
    Please tell us how to add and use them. You just confused us
    We see your video is good but we don't know how to use it

  4. Hey Arty, all, should the green trend carpet and Moving averages also be lined up 200<50<21 when looking at the 5 min chart? or the 1hr chart is the one important for those macro indicators?

  5. Awesome chanel. I've watched 3 videos in a row and gained so much insight already today. Thank you Arty ?

  6. Hi,I found this indicator:The Arty by PhoenixBinary 9804,but it does not look like yours at your screen.Can you confirm?thks

  7. Love your easy explanation. I have tried this and it works. Just wondering if you know what is the win rate for this strategy???? ?

  8. Lost 14 back to back trades at a 2% risk on my demo account over the past two weeks

    Been learning for about a year ,properly for a few months

    Think the biggest problem is taking trades in lower time frames 15m during consolidation, lots of opportunities and Fomo

    However my risk management per trade is good thanks to the trading floor education centre

    Gonna move up to the 1 hour time frame and focus on trend continuation and the basic price action, that I’ve learnt watching the course on the trading floor program

    Good luck everyone

  9. Thanks for pulling it up. Funny this is the strategy i use. I just pull a macd more looking for divergences confirmation there also. However I am an early closer. 90% of the time i rage i dont ketp my trade longer

  10. I'm backtesting for ES and NQ future recently using this strategy, I realized that it keep hitting my SL or hitting 1.5 TP and drop back. Is there anything to improve?

  11. Thank you for this video. I was beginning to think that no retail indicator was reliable. However, following this strategy, both my accounts are up today and I also recovered what I had lost in the last few trades!

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