In today’s video I want to take you through the process that I take when I enter an options trading strategy by using a real life …


  1. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. This strategy changed how I am going to trade my account. Hope this will change my life.

  2. Why can I do this strategy on the Robinhood app the same way that you are able to to do it on the website by allowing you to buy multiple options at once? On the app, you can only buy one contract at a time, it is keeping me from implementing this strategy because I feel like I’m doing something wrong..

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  4. Why on my Robinhood the screen isnt the same as that? Or can I just do it by computer? Because I’m doing it by cellphone! Because I’m in the level 3 options

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  6. I have WEBULL it won't allow to buy call and put separately, it will choose all the strategies automatically, so I just pick 77 $ strike for iron butterfly? August 6th,and what are chances with the regular Butterfly

  7. pls i need an aswer to this…. robinhood wont let me do multiple buys and sell in one go …it says i need to do separate transactions, any idea why?

  8. In your example the net credit is $44, if the options expire and the stock is far away from the profit then you will lose $6. So the total is still a profit $44 = $6 = $38 profit, correct ?
    So in a sense you just let options expire and no matter wha, you will always be profitable as long as the net credit is higher than the loss, right ?

  9. why am I not able to select multiple options? It is telling me that I have to place a separate order

  10. Dont waste your time trying to meet the market, work to master your money instead. One thing you can do is learn to use money as a tool by investing for passive income. This way whether the market goes up or down, you keep getting paid

  11. Most people pay more attention to the shiniest positions on the graph over a proper diversification. Diversify your funds or get a pro help. After my portfolio performance smashed over $180k returns from the last quarter, I have learned why analysts will talk, stocks will rise and fall but the market will always remain a cash den for people who know where to look.

  12. Thank you for making it so simple. Can you please and please make same video on Webull also, can you make videos on vertical? You made life so simple. Thank you

  13. Do I need to already own shares for this particular stock before trading this options strategy?

  14. Stocks are good but I swapped and invested in forex and Crypto I've been earning much from it ??

  15. How do you buy multiple options at once are use Robin Hood and I’ve never seen that option thank you

  16. I closed out a nice apple broken wing put – 144 buy – 2 sells at 150 – and a 155 buy – paid 45$ for it and sold it at $110. Just learning some of these things on the optionstrat and toying with some numbers. Still can make a bunch more money on this play if apple goes up to and stays above the 147$ range final day of week Friday trading

  17. just testing out some trades… but… why do my "sold" put options show a -negative when it should be showing me a gain?

  18. I got a question I’m new to trading please don’t be mad but , so the max money I would lose is actually $5 right? Because I’m scared I will lose more than that

  19. His portfolio always look the same dam for a person to have all these strategies i woulda thought his portfolio would sky rocket….

  20. I am doing something similar to this except that I have a short Iron Condor on MRK and my strike prices are farther apart. I enjoy these videos, please keep them coming I am learning a lot. Brought my account from the depths of hell back to profit following you and Discord.

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