$5,680 PROFIT Trading Options Using Supply & Demand || QQQ SP…

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29 thoughts on “$5,680 PROFIT Trading Options Using Supply & Demand || QQQ SP…”

  1. What time frames are you generally in when plotting supply and demand zones. And how long do you generally leave them up for.

  2. Good morning hey buddy what study do you use for the volume on this graphic please advise have a great day

  3. I always respect traders who post their fail trade . We cant make all mistake so we have to learn frm others

  4. Great video! You make it look to easy… Was wondering what were your strikes and expiration dates you used in this 3-4 trades you made. Would help put it into context.

  5. Thanks for the video! I had a quick question and others may as well. How do you determine the balance and what is the purpose of it? I'm halfway through your course, but just thought I'd ask since it is noted in this video.

  6. Hey Carmine. Thanks for your tip on calling TD and going standard cash. Worked perfectly.

    I have a question: let’s say my strategy is going off of this info.

    $TSLA 770C >761.85 | 750P <753.34
    But when before the market opened the 770c was at .55. I put a limit at 1.05 and when the bell rang the call was at 2.10 or something. Jumped limit order. Do you have any suggestions on entries with it is gaping up or down? I am trying to see videos on conditional orders and how to get filled at the bell.

    Thanks Carmine, great work always.

  7. Whay volume profile indicator are yout using with tos? I've been looking for something that shows selling and buying volume in each volume bar like that

  8. I have a video topic I was hoping you could maybe expound on that could really help me to prepare for the big jump so to speak.
    What challenges may someone face if they make the leap from paper trading to live account trading? ?

  9. Still only paper trading but I'm very excited about the market performance right now. As you said, the volatility is coming back and the setups are prime again.

  10. Lovely video fratello and I love the course by the way. could you make more videos like this at the end of every week? thank you all the best

  11. Great vid Carmine, I want to try your course but I'm curious. Do you go more in-depth on how to draw S/D levels correctly compared to the video you have on your channel? It seems very subjective and I can't imagine screwing that up constantly.

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