6 Tips & Tricks To SAVE TAXES On F&O Income!

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  1. my f&o Net Loss is Rs117000/- can i claim expenses such as Brokerage which is Rs10780/- from my Gross income. Please reply

  2. If i get 2 laks loss in f&o business in a year, in that case can I add my incidental expenses like brokerage, stt, net bills etc. of Rs.50,000/- to the loss I got for that year and can the entire 2.5 lak be shown in ITR for setting off in future..please clarify sir

  3. My turnover f&0 30crore in value total amount,and profit of 18lakhs,forther go for auditing or not,i confused regarding my turnover,let me help or related video link please

  4. Can I claim salaries paid to employees hired for managing my f and o trades, executing them,etc . Even if my family members are hired as employees??

  5. Thank you for the content. Incidental expenses can be claimed even by individual trader? Is it advisable to go for a partnership firm beyond a particular threshold of profit? This will be very useful input. .Thank you again

  6. Sir can you make a video on things to keep in mind before starting a corporate account or at least give guidance on whom to consult?

  7. Excellent explanation Sir. I have question sir. If I buy options of the next financial year with the entire profit earned in options only in the month february of current year. What should I do then. How to show it sir

  8. Sir, I really appreciate and thank you for all your videos as I have learnt and learning and will still learn in coming days!!
    All your videos adds value to my trading journey and I wish it will continue a way long!!
    May the all mighty guide us all !!

  9. Sir, I m a businessman my co.turnover is 1cr I opted for 6% tax return, now my option turnover is 50L and my profit is 28 L , can I opt for 6% tax on option profit or will I hv 2 pay tax on 28L profit in option apart from my business on 6%

  10. PR Sundar Sir, if turnover is less than 5 crores, profit < 6% and total income > basic exemption limit(2.5lacs), then audit is necessary. You said no audited needed, but i can't find any link, please provide source material and clarify. Please take up this question when taxbuddy CEO shows up !

  11. Sir, I would be glad, if you clarify the following doubts. 1) As a pensioner and a trader of F&O, Should I submit ITR3 or anything else? 2) Will you please explain about presumptive taxation scheme in a detailed way?

  12. Dear PRS, please clarify how I can carry forward the maximum F&O loss. I have an equipment rental (JCB backhoe) business. I had a turnover (not profit) of Rs.16 lakhs in my business. But I made a loss of over Rs.50 lakhs in F & O. Please let me know how much deduction I am eligible and what is the maximum amount I can carry forward loss. Thanks

  13. Sir, take example of 5L loss account…. Only you are telling taxes for profit made accounts. Example, loss of 5L then presumptive taxation applies or not because our intension is to carry the loss for 8 years.
    And is there any book of accounts required to carry loss for 8 years

  14. sir
    if a option buyer does many trades in a day. he has to pay very high brokerages.
    does the brokerage charges will also be come under expenses

  15. Hi Sir, one question, can we claim the tax deductions( available for individuals) in a proprietership firm?

  16. Sir, if I'm a salaried person and doing trading, let's say I've earned 1 lakh from delivery and intraday trading and lost 2 lakhs from Future and option trading, which head shall I pay taxes. Do i have to pay taxes as a salaried person or business.

  17. WRONG information about the presumptive tax option.

    Just like any other business income, you can use the option to show profits from F&O business @6% ONLY IF ACTUAL PROFIT % IS LESS THAN 6%.

    However, if the actual profit % is more than 6%, you have to show the actual profit.

    In other businesses, it is easier to show "expenses" that might push your profits below 6% but the scope for doing so in F&O business is very limited.

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