$6,100 Profit Trading Options Using Price and Volume

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20 thoughts on “$6,100 Profit Trading Options Using Price and Volume”

  1. Hey Carmine,
    Besides putting yourself in the game, what are you doing personally to continue to develop as a trader? thanks for your valuable content!

  2. Hello, could you possibly due a video about your indicatros and how you use them? Thanks for these amazing videos man.

  3. Can someone tell me what Supply & Demand zones you have charted for Monday 11/8/2021 I would like to see if it aligns with my TA… I've got $470 top of Supply and $466 Bottom of Demand.. Now if I've got these right I'll have to then succeed in reading the price action which is never easy.

  4. on the top u have an indicator showing u avg volume for the different time frames. Whts the name of that indicator ?

  5. Amazing week for SPY and QQQ. Big earnings wins all over the place, but learning to take profits on the runup to earnings, and then see where I am at after earnings and consider taking a swing options based on market context and ER reaction after the market is done playing games ๐Ÿ™‚ . Holding THROUGH earnings is something I've learned (the hard way) to avoid unless I have a good reason to hold otherwise.

  6. along side the $ profit why not put the % of gains next to it? Like lets say you made 15% and you had 100, thats 15 dollars vs is you had 1,000 then that would be 150 dollars. You get what im tryin to get at here? To kinda show the ppl the importance of the % because even if said person made 15 dollars with a 100 dollar size then thats still 15% WHICH is good ya know?

  7. If your trading that many contracts what is your usual risk to reward? Seems like it could be skewed at times .

  8. That bottom right picture in the beginning of the video is the same trade I took on MT4 for the S&P. 500 made crazy money

  9. Man Iโ€™m having a hard time doing risk to reward on these scalps for options.. can you do a video how you managed your money on these kinds of trades via options?

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