+$710 in 16 Seconds Scalping $AMZN Calls I Day Trading Options I …

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32 thoughts on “+$710 in 16 Seconds Scalping $AMZN Calls I Day Trading Options I …”

  1. No I think it's a GREAT thing $710/6sec. FLAT!!! Get in/Get out, makes so much sense. Way more than staying in an option 2-4 days, or wks. for that matter??? WHEWWW, in & out$$$ One word, SMART? Thx for teaching us.

  2. Good job Matt. While it's a lovely trade, appreciate the fact that you say it's a lot of money and to not worry about making more or what others do because that is extremely important to realize how much money a few hundreds of dollars is. BTW how much capital did you use for this trade?

  3. I do option training but I don’t use the candle stick method just cause I don’t fully understand how it works

    Back to tutorial videos I go! lol

  4. Amazing trade as always, Matt. What made you realize that move was likely to pop past 3500?

  5. Saw your video on Bthe story !.. loved it … been day trading for 15 months now – you’re spot on. .. subscribed btw ..

  6. Nice trade Matt, took that same play but only 1 contract! Glad you hammered home the point about wins and putting them in perspective. I made $250 today and talked myself out of trading more and forcing trades today. The name of the game is green days, big or small!

  7. Matt your bad ass and inspiration to keep working harder and get consistent in my trading much love !

  8. Well said. I have the same problem. I will take 500 per day. This equal to 125k per year, 500x 250 working days.

  9. I know you like to take quit profits,but watching your trade I was wondering,if you had up a one minute chart when you get a trade moving so fast would the one minute help see the pull back ?

  10. $700 is amazing…. I would quit my job with $2000 a week. Right now, I'm at about $500 per week on a $4000 account. Just working on discipline, consistency, and then scaling up.

  11. Matt! Huge point you made about how not many people even make $700 in a whole work day, never mind in a few seconds! I am working to get to the point you’re at, and I’m so thankful for all your education and videos 🙂

  12. That’s awesome nice trade!! I was doing that same thing getting greedy and looking for more and next thing u know the profit that I had is gone and/or a loss now. Taking the quick profits and just getting out of the market. Up $870 today. Thanks Matt for another great video!

  13. Matt, with several stocks on your watchlist for the day, how do you decide which one to watch at open?

  14. Congrats, bro! I see you enter with a limit order. It would be nice a video on why you trade that way (pros and cons, when to limit or market, platform set-up…) Thanks for all the work you make ???

  15. You're so right about being realistic with yourself. Ill make 500-1000 in a few minutes and feel that's not enough bc ill see others make 5k. When in reality that's a blessing. People work jobs they hate to make that in a week. Gotta take a step back and be grateful.

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