76% Win Rate Strategy – FULLY BACKTESTED

Hi Traders, we’re back! Apologies for being away for the last few weeks, but we’re back to providing regular videos uploads again.

11 thoughts on “76% Win Rate Strategy – FULLY BACKTESTED”

  1. Thanks for the video
    Very cheeky of Trade Pro to use the negative RRR
    All figures should be GOA
    You might want to look at your screen shots as the contrast and clarity not as good as other channels

  2. Thanks for your great information at the end of clips ?. This your different with others . Great .

  3. Your returns are different in part as you seem to be calculating your yearly returns as the sum of the returns per month.

    In Trade Pro's videos, he is judging the GOA between start and end, not the sum of returns per month. Your annual returns when formatted in that fashion would be higher than 40%, because as your account grew in size, the percent return for that month would actually be a higher percent relative to the starting point, rather than just between the start and finish of that month, which is that seems like your data points are calculating currently

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