+$823 in 59 Seconds Scalping $TSLA Call Options I Day Trading Opt…

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36 thoughts on “+$823 in 59 Seconds Scalping $TSLA Call Options I Day Trading Opt…”

  1. Quick ? for you Matt. Just looking briefly at Tesla opening days (and I am total newbie–not even an account yet) I noticed a pattern. In the times that 
    I have looked, if there is a sell off at the end of the previous day the opening minute seems to gain a point or more. This seems like a good pattern to scalp. Have you traded on this pattern?

  2. The thing i like the most about your vid is the realization to exit the 2nd trade, and to sit on your hands since your trading isn't as good after the open…

  3. Hey Matt do you ever scalp based on break of structure and order blocks? Reason i ask is got sidetracked on supply and demand trading and wyckoff, but it's so tedious wearing me out and lost money. In your experience did you ever pursue this? I dont really want to hold bracket orders on options. I started second guessing scalping after losing the other day. Been wanting to get on the longer legs, but it seems so random. The second I think I figured something out it seems to go the opposite. As far as scalping that is the least stressful to me.

  4. I should've watched TSLA today like you did. Instead, I was watching AMZN, but because it cost so much and I'd yet to trade such an expensive option, I got so nervous about it that I didn't see the triangle pattern forming in the first few minutes and missed the big jump upward. Instead, I got in with a put when BA was dipping, but got unlucky when the dip pulled back and wound up with a small loss on the day. Afterward, I was too scared to jump into any other trade, even as I was seeing favorable patterns form ?

  5. Hey Matt, love your channel. How long is your contracts normally for. My mentor says 30 days and Im doing well. But if I know Im gonna be in and out in less than 5 minutes why buy a long contract? How long was your Tesla contrast for today? Thanks.

  6. Hey Matt

    I relate to your trading style and have used similar strategy is the past without knowing exactly what the hell I was doing. I'm also going over to Lightspeed and will setup a call with you after your new setup is complete.

  7. Nice trade! I’m using the same layout as you entering trades, but when I buy market why do I have to switch it back to market order when I go to sell? It seems like it stays market for you.

  8. Nice” I learned lessons being A bag holder” not every play will be A 50% – +100% play””” consistent 10% – 30% plays are nice

  9. Matty Ice!! Nice play. Great synopsis!! Can you pls tell me if you're using HOT KEYS or exiting your trade by right click..close, blah blah takes FOREVER on TD Ameritrade. Guidance pls sir!

  10. Ha! I took the same trade, same strike, same break. Awesome trade Matt! Shame every morning isn't like this. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your Lightspeed setup.

  11. Hell yeah, I knew you would also get in on that morning range break! I traded it too, but held a partial until I saw some sort of reversal for a slightly larger win.
    How do you feel about partials? Example: long 3, sell 2 after quick pop, hold 1 with stop moved up to low of take-profit candle.

  12. Matt, did you try the MKT Adaptive order of IB vs regular MKT? Have you seen any difference?

  13. Hi Matt can you do a video on how you set up your stream deck on interactive brokers for options trading .thanks…love the content u put out..keep the great vids coming ??

  14. Hey Matt I’m here again lol , wanted to know your presets for hotkeys in having fast executions , do you do “limit at ask” or “limit at mid” ?? Or any other option ?

  15. Hey Matt what stocks did u trade with ur 3K account? did u do tsla calls/puts still?

  16. Thanks for the video. There are very few YouTubers out there that are pure scalpers. Where do you find the ATR values?

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