83% in 4 Minutes Trading Options || MARKET CONTEXT Lesson

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16 thoughts on “83% in 4 Minutes Trading Options || MARKET CONTEXT Lesson”

  1. I missed the discounted price because I haven't checked youtube since Thursday! I want discount price please I want to join

  2. Not trying to be an A hole but i saw this course price a few weeks ago how is this a discount ? Again not being an asshole i like your content just asking

  3. I stumbled upon your channel couple of days back. I have small account and looking forward to follow your tips and tricks. Your lessons are very helpful my friend. Thank you for all these free education. Keep up the good work ?

  4. It was great watching your videos❤️.can you answer on what time frame do you draw your supply and demand?.
    Thanks, love from india??

  5. Fomo, slow market bad rushing my trades dang there made me give back all my profits this week… Luckily I'm still green… I should have stuck to my plan… Live and learn

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