In today’s video I want to take you through the process that I take when I enter an options trading strategy by using a real life …


  1. This strategy simply does not work. You can open it, but cannot close the whole position on RH.. Period!!

  2. Great video I’ve been learning 2 straight weeks on how to do trades on robinhood I’m a beginner! And I will to learn more to make extra money ?!

  3. The fact is, stock/crypto currency is making financial waves and fighting against poverty is this modem era,and the question is. Is this the right time to invest? Before jumping in conclusion I think you should take a look at this first.for the past few days the price of Bitcoin has been fluctuating which means the market is currently unstable and you can't tell if it is going bearish or bullish .while others still continue to trade without the fear of making lose,others are been patient.it all depends on the pattern with which you trade and also the source of your signal.i would say trading with Mr Raini has been the best 100 %

  4. After Using this strategy, it is extremely difficult to close out unless you are prepared to exit at a higher cost I.e. higher debit than the credit you received. Very difficult to close.

  5. I don't get how dude has at least 400 shares between AMD, AAPL and MSFT and yet his portfolio is only $100k

  6. Man, I feel this strategy has a very low chance to win. you have to predict where the stock price will be staying at the exact date. it is like an iron condor with a narrower price range.

  7. Do you have to be a robinhood gold member to use strategies on robinhood like this? When I try it says I have to make the orders separate and won’t show me the breakdown like in this video for max profit and loss for a strategy.

  8. Whenever you SELL a contract, aren't you exposing yourself for assignment? If so, then your MAX LOSS could potentially be much higher than $8, correct?

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  10. I’ve been watching your videos and attempting to use the trading strategies, however my orders are not being filled due to
    “wide bid-ask spread, You may want to enter your own limit price to increase the likelihood of your order being filled”.
    I don’t remember seeing anything in your videos that references this problem. Do you have a video that covers this ?

  11. Hey tech guy I watch you every day and I have a question how can I buy couple of contracts at the same time

  12. I’m so wrong ….. need help here you are down 900$ ??? On a hundred plus account? My 32,000$ account is down 6,000 the past few weeks Jesus!!

  13. Why would you buy a put higher then the strike of the stock because isn't a put betting the stock will go downward ?

  14. @TechConversations , you mentioned you were going to show the actual trade you are doing.. is it the same as the video with July 23 expiration?

  15. Anyone else try the XOM strategu from last week? I opened it on Monday, but closed it today. XOM started dipping & did not want to risk it.

  16. 100% cannot get maximum reward on RH on butterflies since they close those positions early to "protect " you an hour before closing on expiry.

  17. I asked in an older video but don’t think it’s was seen by anyone… so I have several very cheap debit spreads open but still don’t understand how the calculations are right? My profit is the difference between the price of the two options… the calc says i can profit $1200 off of a $15 option. There is no way there is ever a price difference of $1200 between the strikes I have ($27 and $40). How are these gains possible as the calculator says? These are new positions so I’m sitting waiting to see but don’t see it.

  18. What tools or do you use to determine the expected price of the stock at expiration???
    Am sure that it is NOT the "WAG" method.

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