A simple 3 day options strategy with surprising potential

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12 thoughts on “A simple 3 day options strategy with surprising potential”

  1. Hi, would you consider iv of each long and short at different expiry while executing trade.. What ranges of difference you recommend

  2. great strategy however there is a risk of loosing money completely ( in this case $2500) if by any chance stock slide down too much. Both legs are going to loosing value. To avoid it buy deep out of the money put (kind of protection)

  3. Why would this be a better strategy than an IC or iron butterfly? High IV environment when the stock is going flat, why would you use a positive vega strategy?

  4. I've tried her out once already with £2350 and won £7700 in just 5 days, A lot of people are ignorant of profitablity in bitcoin lnvestment and that has been the major issues limiting their lnvestment.

  5. Excellent presentation. One small point, if you have level 2 or less – you're going to have to buy back your short call before you can sell your long call.

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