A Simple Weekly Options Strategy

In this video we’ll be teaching you a simple weekly options strategy that can employed before major binary events. Register for our …

22 thoughts on “A Simple Weekly Options Strategy”

  1. Thanks for this I just wish I had even close to the amount of money need to play. I'm just starting out so maybe next year I will be ready to be comfortable risking that kind of money. Even though I know you can regroup along the way

  2. please get rid of that obnoxious ho ho ho ho hoho ho ho ho theme music from the beginning of your clips. It's just too old school!!! It reminds me of typewriters, printing calculators and socks rings. If you are trying to get people to watch you guys and subscribe to your channel, so you would grow your audience, please end that music. I like most of your clips, but not the intro music. thanks!

  3. Just got level 3 options on td Ameritrade. Looking forward to paper trading then implementing it into my real account.

  4. A great strategy and very well explained. I would love to see more videos like these from SMBU, however I'd stay away from the webinar. It was a 2h marketing session for a $5k class. I'd been ok if it was half n half, but it went over the time, had only 30m of actual webinar and 2 hours of continuous marketing with all the strategies: user reviews, guilt trip, stats etc.

    Anyhoo, I hope that SMBU keeps on putting great short videos like these which help explain different Option spreads and in what situations to use these.

  5. You mention that you only need 2700 capital for this trade. I have read that brokers require capital for both sides of the condor, ie 5400. Obviously, both sides cannot be in the money simultaneously. Can anyone confirm the capital requirement? I use TD.

  6. I find watching these YouTube videos combined with SMB's Foundation Programme videos both lots of times really helps me to understand options trading, it feels good once you start to crack it! Jim C

  7. This is now my favourite Options video. Great strategy and I like the way Seth explains how to do the adjustment so clearly. Thanks!

  8. Just amazing. I was searching something like this when I use Iron Butterfly. I saw your video on Iron condor too and I really appreciate. I tested this on my demo broker account and it worked really well! In this example the SPX went down so you make adjustments downward but if the SPX goes up you will only buy back the 3 short call at 3500, sell 6 short call at 3590 and buy 3 long call at 3620, right? Thank you Seth 👍🏻

  9. thanks for sharing… May I ask what if the new short puts are breached again? is there anyway to repair it? Or do you have a stop loss in place?

  10. I have some doubts regarding the maximum risk after the adjustment. It should be 90*3*100-7400 (min 11.15), approx 20k, not 12K… risk increase after adjustments, as odds improve…

  11. Another brilliant video Seth. I appreciate your expertise so much. You have made me a better trader!

  12. What do you do if the market has a move like yesterday? Let's say the market goes to 3600 or 3300 overnight? Just take the full loss or something else?

  13. is the strategy after the "repair" an iron condor?

    If it is, could you play this strategy by always starting as a butterfly,
    and slowly open it up (if needed) into an iron condor?

  14. if max risk is 90 points, where 90*100=9000
    How come Required Capital is $10,179? Also, if Cash Flow of the trade $16,821, does it mean regardless which way underlying end up, trade is a winner 16k-9k = 7k profit, no adjustment need it?

  15. I need some Capital, Can I have $500 to trade With, Please? I have to Ask. The Answer is ALWAYS "NO" unless I ASK.

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