Accidentally Lost $180,000 on Tesla (Option Trading)

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39 thoughts on “Accidentally Lost $180,000 on Tesla (Option Trading)”

  1. Never sell call or put options on Tesla because it's very volatile. Unless you have load of money on side to loose.
    I am a day trader and i don't advice this to do at all.
    Elon himself is a trader so be careful with your money..

  2. So you saw this coming and continued selling calls. This looks like a perfect windfall opportunity to be selling puts. Where was your head?

  3. I do sell weekly calls on TSLA never lost money! Tip here for free, when market goes up I sell on Wednesday! Market bearish I sell on Friday!

  4. the problem with options is if you are in the highest tax bracket because of your job you pay a really high tax rate on your gains as compared to owning stocks and long term capitol gains.

  5. Kind of confused….so, you took a nap, and was forced to sell you shares, made more money than my mom has in like 20 years combined…..and you are worried about paying some taxes on that? I'd say you are blessed and you should be thankful for your success. Yeah, I don't like the high taxes either since they go to waste big time. But hopefully, you are not too upset about it. My general reply when I see comments about taxes (Yeah, if I pay taxes, that means I made money, just be happy about that!)

  6. Oh man I can't imagine the emotions you felt when waking up. ? any reason you don't have this money in a Roth? I too mainly use RH but kind of sad they don't have a Roth option.

  7. Thanks for the Enlightenment, Traders with no experience in financial markets repeat the same mistakes that cost them dearly. Although successful trading takes a lot of hard work, self-discipline and determination, obeying just a few simple rules will result in much better performance even for beginners This is why i recommend Mr Romero pieto he is indeed the man behind my weekly profiting.

  8. $180,000 nap, hope it was a good one

    Turn around and dump all of that money into SENS Henry. Catch it before FDA approval and the announcement of their 365 day gluecose monitor

  9. new credit rating opened door for many new institutional buyers. Yep I was a covered call guy too. Missed out on 220K of gains

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  11. Henry a couple things to consider: form an LLC or become a qualified trader with the irs to lighten your tax burden. 2. Look at the chart and don’t be hasty. I sold out of Tesla at $1136 per share because that gap from $910-$950 scared me. That gap needs to be filled. Instead of buying the stock just sell puts at $1050 and wait for it to come to you. Of course Elon could skip the gap fill if he announces a stock split.

  12. Nobody can become financially successful over night. They put in background work but we tend to see the finished part. Fear is a dangerous component, hindering us from taking bold steps we need in other to reach our goals.

  13. Despite the Economic crisis, I’m so happy ☺️ my life has changed totally, I’ve been earning $18,000 returns from my $6,000 Investment every 13 days..

  14. Yeah, I did the same thing, 1100 but only 1 option. No big deal, because I had bought much lower, and I have since used the money to profit on other options.

  15. Hey Henry, man think how I feel sold calls on my Tesla I was in surgery when it started ripping on a Friday wasn’t able to buy back my option hence stocks got called away.. started selling puts but no where near how much money I’d have if i just held… I fell the pain and it sucks! Now Tesla at 1200 kinda drawn away from it as it ran up so much to fast imo. Thanks for the great content tho and we will make it back!! Let’s go!!

  16. Sorry about your loss. I was just thinking the other day to setup calendar events to keep track of my options expirations.

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