This session explains how we can handle gap up and adjust ITM CE. Example taken is INFY 1) INFY Covered Call Holding INFY …

39 thoughts on “ADJUSTMENT Secrets for GAP UP (INFY)”

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  2. Hello Jegan sir, i found this video very useful. Could you please tell us what is the minimum capital required to attend your class? If there any requirement like that.

  3. I can't able understand clearly y we need sell 2 calls at 1000 for kushan and one for coverd call means what …i dint understand exactly he says dat term … long in futures …pls anybody could explain for me…and I know that concept of coverd call and cash secured put..just I ask in this video on dat particular place only..

  4. Sir, 1. You have not mentioned how much you spent for these Transaction for getting this 18k profit. 2. You can do this Strategy because you have crores of Rupee in your pockets. How can the people who watch the people can do????

  5. I think you should renew all these videos once again. That is post these videos as fresh.
    Lots of people are looking for adjustment videos.
    Title needs to be Adjustments in INFY, Reliance etc.
    These are contents which all option sellers are looking for!!!

  6. Dear Jegan,
    I just watched this video now. Simply superb. Your psychology in doing these adjustments needs a Hats off. Great…..

  7. For Selling Put, did you need to Put down collateral for the stock? Since you already had tied the stock by Selling 900 call?

  8. Please do this as a course extensively Sir naming a strategy as JeganCollar 🙂 . It's good one Sir. Named it wisely as it means it.

  9. Thank u so much Jegan for sharing ur experiences … my biggest understandings of options r from u. My best wishes for ur continued success!

  10. u being experienced did it effortlessly but not everyone's cup of tea. however learning was wortrhwhile. thanks

  11. actual profit of unclosed positions is 12360/- + closed positions 2820/- total profit 15180/- none the less nice strategy to make losing trade winning

  12. Much needed learning lesson I was looking for, that too from Jagan Sir..thank you sir…

  13. Too much complications & stress, why cant you sell n then do a cash secured put next month ???

  14. Very informative video. Sir I have one doubt. Why didn't you did martingale if INFY triple in first week ? You would have sold double quantity in upper side. Please guide.

  15. Hi jagan. Thanks for sharing your views on adjustments. Can you suggest any book for more types of adjustments.

  16. I failed to understand what is the role of Holding Infosys here. Without holding Infosys itself one would have done the trade

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