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  2. Hi, how to calculate breakeven of call ratio spread of 1:3 (one call purchased and 3 sold) ratio spread. The basic formula of 1:2 does not apply to 1:3. Can u please explain this

  3. Please explain on board and write the price , atm , otm ,itm . Then it is clear to unstand . Otherwise it is too much difficult to understand . Please change your explanation system so that helpful to us

  4. Your Adjustments and Shiftings are very Risky and requires huge Margin. The T+0 Line is not at all balanaced and will cause huge MTM losses and as a Retailer, it's hard to control emotions with such a huge MTM losses. Back Testing in OPSTRA is fine where the emotions will not come in to picture. No doubt you have very good knowledge on OPTIONS Selling. My humple request is share some low risky traders which has low MTM swings and should give us a good sleep without worying on Gap up and Gap Downs

  5. Aur agar after sale of lower strike price PE in double quantity than if market drift down now towards the lower strike PE than what to do?

  6. excellent experience being affiliated to your channel…. your channel has given me motivation to experiment in back testing… Last few days I was learning to adjust ratio spread… Great help to me….

  7. nice…what if market went further 1000 point down to breakeven…do we need to sell more lots..more margin?

  8. Sir, can you make adjustments on vertical spread if possible? For less capital people. And thankyou for all of your vidoes it really helps ?

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