Amazon Stock Split – 4 Option Strategies to Trade AMZN

AMZN (Amazon) stock will more than likely split sometime in the near future. Often, when the stock splits, it moves up as more …

9 thoughts on “Amazon Stock Split – 4 Option Strategies to Trade AMZN”

  1. wow but 1 option are 100 stocks… not sure if mortal people has that money for one single investment

  2. hello Sasha, I entered your page to see your courses, too bad they are only taught in English, the courses that we have here in Latin America are very limited and basic, hopefully some day you will consider opening to teach in Spanish and other languages, I believe that the advancement in technology and communications today allow to make feasible that kind of audience.

  3. while people here trade options, the people of Ukraine suffering as never seen since World War II…their country being destroyed and 4 million people trying to scape from Ukraine…. kids being assassinated…anyhow, I am no-one to judge anyone…only God knows…

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