AMC How Much Can I Make From This Option Strategy!?

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35 thoughts on “AMC How Much Can I Make From This Option Strategy!?”

  1. I will forever be indebted to you ? I was able to build a big income stream investing with Mrs Louise O'Brien. You’ve changed my whole life, Thanks so much.

  2. My question is, should we go out to KS for the meeting in July to vote yay or nay to the additional 25,000,000 shares, WEARING a bunch of shirts designed by NEX LYFE ENTERTAINMENT LLC to vote NO? YAY OR NAY to that plan?

  3. My favorite options strategy I like to do is buy a long call like 6 to 14 months out then sell a call that's only a few days away from expiring it can get very risky but I've made 20k this year off the options gamblers good luck y'all

  4. I got a $25 call option for $9.90 expiring 7-16. I'm already up over $1700. If I let it expire itm, Edgar happens to that profit? Can I use it towards buying those shares at the strike price?

  5. We are apes!!!! Biologically speaking we are a family of great apes. So Ill call myself an APE!!! Come on Zeke to the moon!!!

  6. I only bought $100 worth. Doubled my money and sold the principle and left the rest. I got scared lol. I wish I would've bought more now. I might jump back in

  7. Trading and investing is easy and safe with the right help that's why I trade with Mrs Theresa she's the best

  8. Hey, just wondering, you bought a call so how are you going to get assigned any shares? That only happens when you sell a put

  9. We’re all apes stop playing. We all bleed red, we all want to make money from these HEDGIES. F0$?!$@kkk the suits. AMC TO THE MOON

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