An Options Strategy With A Lottery Ticket

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11 thoughts on “An Options Strategy With A Lottery Ticket”

  1. Honestly Seth, your explanations are easy enough for a child to digest. Just want to say thanks again. ??

  2. Seth, your option videos are excellent. You are very good at explaining things very clearly. Thanks so much.

  3. The presentation itself is excellent from a great expert, Seth, but it is build around historical data that is been used with many ifs and think about it…etc. But from now on, to future trade planning and placing I don't see good help. I wish for different approach for trades I can plan today for tomorrow and later , not looking for what if I would have done 6 month ago

  4. Seth: Very informative information for someone like me who has been trading options for a little over a year now, but I see a discrepancy. The $50 put was worth only .06, not .17 which was the value of the $55 put. Thus under the best case scenario you point out, the total income from the trade would be 7650, not 8200. Am I wrong? Still a very nice profit on the trade.

  5. I have watched a lot of your vids I wish you wouldn't recap the basics of calls and puts, I always skip it – If you need to explain that, there is no hope that somebody would understand the rest of the video in most cases, lol.

  6. Interesting trade here. I like the concept of increased reward just below the highest long put which adds some extra potential outside of just selling a call or put credit spread.

  7. I like how he glosses over the risk (10:58). If the stock falls to 65 at any point, you need to immediately close or roll the entire position, because between the 2 lower options sits $75k of risk.

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