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  1. plz clarify can we deploy call ratio and put ration back spreads at a time. what is the Risk reward ratio

  2. इसका भी एडजेसमेन्ट होता है क्या,
    ब्रेकेवन पास लाने का ओर लॉस कम करने का

  3. In ratio backspread, can we not keep the width of the spread narrow so as to receive more credit and lower the maximum potential loss at the same time?
    It makes sense that we can't do the same with front ratio spreads as narrowing the width of the spread would eat into the maximum potential profit (more credit, but less room for the long option to go in the money).

  4. Sir Possible ho toh ispe bhi RISK Free banane kaa Video leke aaye. Yeh Stratagy Option Buyers ke liye VARDAN bunn jaayegi agar aap isko Risk Free banane kaa Adjestment bata deh toh.. Please Request.

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