Backtesting Method | Making Adjustments In Loss Making Scenarios …

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22 thoughts on “Backtesting Method | Making Adjustments In Loss Making Scenarios …”

  1. In profit making trades what was your maximum loss ? In those cases your delta might have crossed level 40. In those trades you have not factored any adjustments which will reduce your profit figure.

  2. Kindly backtest double straddle strategy of 200 spread in bank nifty
    Suppose strike price at 38000
    Straddle at 38200
    And straddle at 37800

  3. actual skill would be to identify a V shape recovery and demonstrate which will be already green as per the backtesting, one sided move is easy to handle

  4. 30 jul se 06 Aug 20 me 12k profit hai.. lekin agar adjustment karenge to profit kewal 5k hoga.. pls adjust the positives also. Result will be different.

  5. Adjustment agar sabhi me karte to shyd jo report hai wo kuch alag hi hota q k end of the day position profit me jayega ki loss me ye koi ni jaanta

  6. Excellent video, if you can just do a adjustment on the week where there is 34k loss that will a huge learning thing

  7. Nice video. I have a question on adjustment, If either side goes deep ITM Do you still recommend to rollover the other side to match delta

  8. Sir yahi aap long straddle ke liya batao plzz..
    Or else long straddle se intraday earning kaise kare with adjustment ??

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