Bank Nifty Expiry Special Strategy ? || With Backtesting || Zero …

Bank Nifty Expiry Special Strategy || With Backtesting || Zero Loss Strategy || Telegram – In …

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  1. can u please explain why both the legs of ce were taken by doing so u are just saving 100+ rs on down side and making upside unsafe( unlimited loss)

  2. एक बात आप वीडियो जब बनाते है तो जब उसे नो लॉस बनाते है तो उस स्ट्राइक को साफ साफ धीरे धीरे दिखाया कीजिए साथ ही उसके पीछे का लॉजिक भी बताया किजिए वो क्यों नो लॉस हो जायेगा,,,यह बात बिग्नर के लिए महत्व पूर्ण साथ ही सबके लिए भी,,,क्योंकि यहां ज्ञान जरूरी है,,,यह पैसे का खेल है,,

  3. I want a free Option Strategy Builder Backtesting website. Can you suggest. I want to backtest my strategies with at least 1.5 years of market data. Suggest me something.

  4. Sir ye Jo sell Kiya huva pe Jo profit dikha Raha hai vo liquidity nahi hone ke karan bata Raha hai, agar hum expiry ke pahele profit book karne jayenge to us price pe buy nahi hoga kyo ki us price per koi seller nahi hota hai, Maine backtest Kiya hai kabhi kabhi sell kiye pe ki price 15 minute tak same hi rehti hai, aur profit uske Karan hi dikhta hai per book nahi hoga

  5. The Last call leg buying which is 1500 points away is just being done for Margin Hedge benefits .. right … so we can also buy a 1000 points away.

  6. Bhai sahab ye koi strategy nahi hui itna itm buy or sell karna bahut hi risky hai ku ki in dono ka Delta 90-96 hoga jo exit karna mushkil hoga. Es tarha ka strategy mot dalo.

  7. Profit isliye dikha raha hai kyunki
    Jo put apne becha hai woh real time trade nai ho raha
    Jaise hi woh trade hoga Sara profit chala jayega

  8. Sir, itna deep ITM me to liquidity ka problem hoga. Mayne dekha hay 1700+ ITM PUT 10 minute tak same price our ask and bid price ka difference jyada hota hay and o vi ltp se dur. Sir how can I solve this?

  9. How to execute the trade? I want to ask which trade i have to do first ie Buy or sell? So that margin will be minimum

  10. thank you for sharing the strategy. but we cant hold so far OTM options overnight. Zerodha doesn't allow. is there a solution to it?

  11. BrO itna door ka ITM kabhi liquid nhi hota. Differnrce btw buyer and sellers is huge. Second jo apne strategy batayi woh aapne khud poori deploy nhi kari stockmock mein, and i request jo bhi strategy ki. Video do if oossible uska ek saal ka backtest bhi mile toh bhaut accha hai. Thank you for the wonderful video and efforts.

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