Bank Nifty Option Buying Trading strategy for budget day

This video explains the rules of Positional Option buying strategy based on last 10 years of historical data analysis. In our earlier post we saw how volatile the …

9 thoughts on “Bank Nifty Option Buying Trading strategy for budget day”

  1. sir main ne friday ko 3 pm main BANKNIFTY 30500 pe or 30600 ce liya hain budget day ke liye..pura investment 30000 rs hain..pls guide me sir …waiting for your answer..

  2. Looking for exactly this video of historical data of bank nifty on budget day.. thanks for the example of put and call options price change on budget day..

  3. Hi, Always use loud speaker while creating videos. It's difficult to Hear what you are saying even with loud speakers. It is same with all your videos

  4. Good Video. If we do this every month we were still profitable most of time on yealy basis. Tested long ago

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