Bank Nifty Option Trading Strategy For Regular Income | Option Se…

I use a simple bank nifty option trading strategy which i have shared in this video. You too can track it for a while and if it seems to …

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  1. Sir in case of selling far OTM of CE and PE and buying it's very Far OTM CE and PE in banknifty options for reducing margin only on just expiry day . IF we sqaure off Buying position 1st and then selling position then will penelty b levived for it ?If yes then how much ? And what if we don't sqaureoff till 3.15pm it will b autosquare off. ?

  2. Great content ?
    I would like to know more about stock option settlement on expiry…

  3. Great Learning Manek, thanks for sharing this…. just one query, for positional trade how do we keep SL, we will have to hedge it right by buying on both the sides?

  4. Great video, surprisingly it’s simple to follow this strategy. Putting it to test on sensibull. Thanks ?

  5. Hey, is moderately bullish view needed for the strategy?
    because i guess there is immediate next resistence around 36430 if 35800 breached

  6. What in case of 500 point gap up or Gap down ??
    this strategy will give profits on most of the week but one week it will all of the profit in one huge move .

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