Bear Put Spread Option Strategy Adjustments | Option strategy adj…

bearputspread #optionstrategy #letslearntrading Bear Put Spread is a Bearish view option strategy .If Trader expect stock to go …

14 thoughts on “Bear Put Spread Option Strategy Adjustments | Option strategy adj…”

  1. Adjustment 2 will be unlimited loss situation. Did I understand correctly? Please clarify. Stocks have a pretty good chance of moving 3-5% in one trading session. I thank you for the first idea.

  2. pls make video for iron condor…or consistent return from nifty and banknifty in weekly expiry.

  3. awesome video..keep the good work….your adjustment idea is really superb and never seen anywhere else…

  4. Hi Raja your videos are good.
    If you have taken live trade on infy and infy shot up will you share which adjusted you did and with what minimum loss you came out. Its just say.

  5. Hi Raja , Thanks for sharing your knowledge with public, it will be good if you will show trade and adjustment in one table, it will help to understand strategy better and keep your video short with full information.

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