Beginner Day Trading Strategy For SPY Options/Futures!

Beginner Day Trading Strategy For SPY Options/Futures! GET FUNDED TODAY TRADING FUTURES!

36 thoughts on “Beginner Day Trading Strategy For SPY Options/Futures!”

  1. Would love to be a student. Former chef trying to get into the stock market. Any tips or advice? Also what is the website being used in this video?

  2. VWAP gives bias, pivots give targets. What more do you need? Haha. That’s amazing man 🙏 Just beautiful and simple

  3. Brother spoiling us again
    Thank you👌
    Enjoying everyday
    Just keep up dont change anything

    Leaving to the gym is super OK
    Like that routine 😉

    You cant imagine how many folks you inspire..

    Much appreciated

  4. But… if you knew where the markets were going you would be guaranteed to make profits and you wouldn't have to guess. Ict style..

    But you still the man though!! Great profits last week!!

  5. √√How can I get more profitable investment in the market? Is this pump shorts getting wrecked and liquidated, or any indication of whale, corporate treasury buys?

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