9 thoughts on “Best 3 Small Account Option Trading Strategies”

  1. Thank you so much for your video. How do you setup the indicator? I tried to run the indicator but it is not the same as yours. By the way, I texted it to your number.

  2. How do you setup the strategy?!!!! You can't even get the other option after you setup the sell call, Robhinhood doesn't let you do the two other buy calls you need – am I missing something?

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  4. Awesome video but can’t seem to try strat 1? RH always shows Unlimited loss when selling a call/put? Example: I’m currently +$65 on UVXY call $17 strike. I go to sell a call at $18 strike and my loss potential shows Unlimited. I go to sell a call at $16 and my loss potential is Unlimited.

  5. Kind of confused and hopefully I can say this correctly: when selling the call: hypothetically if GLD takes off? and the 1 option you hold is exercised would your account go negative for the 100 shares or is it covered by the option initially bought?

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