Best Expiration Date For Trading Options (The Wheel)

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30 thoughts on “Best Expiration Date For Trading Options (The Wheel)”

  1. I was just having this conversation a few weeks ago, makes sense. Thanks again and will share this video right now ??

  2. Great perspective on this. Some of us are willing to put in the time to watch our positions. I'm currently doing a mixture of both weekly and monthly

  3. With a full time job and family no time for weeklies. Selling monthlies is the way to go for me. Time freedom is priceless. Good video

  4. You talk about making more selling weeklies, but you aren't actually selling 7dte contracts right? When do you roll, and when do you sell new ones? 14dte 21dte? Where is the best theta decay vs risk of assignment?

  5. I’ve been selling weekly CC on AMC and making a killing. Especially when the IV goes crazy. Great video Brad

  6. I sale options longer than a week usually so I can get a higher premium now and put the premium I am bullish on or immediately set in a buy back price for the sale option (lower than what I bought it for

  7. Hey man just wanted to say your teachings are amazing! Was able to get enough cash from your options strategies to buy a Hawaii vacation in cash for my family and myself! Keep up the awesome work!

  8. If you're not concerned about buying to close your weekly options are they really that much more time consuming than monthly options? I would think that the advantage of monthly options is you know what your premium will be that month (if you're trying to cover your monthly expenses off of options) compared to weeklies where it could vary greatly. Also, if your stocks have moved against you and you don't have any intrinsic value then selling a monthly can give you some time value to pull a better return it seems. I sold a monthly where the premium per week was double what the weekly was paying.

  9. 16 weekly covered call positions working. 7 more working for October monthly. every monday is exciting. I call it CC Mania!!!

  10. Brad, the timing of this video couldn't be better for me. Last week I sold options on T and GM. I will may do the same this week, but premiums are down at least 50 % and both stocks are up. Should I constantly switch up on the stocks I choose ? Thanks

  11. I run the wheel strategy on stable stocks like blue chip dividend payers. I like monthly for these

  12. Hey Brad, in the scenario where a stock's share price shoots up on 1 day and then gradually declines over the course of a few weeks, wouldn't it be better to sell a monthly than weeklies?

    Say stock X 's price jumps up by 50% tomorrow, but then goes on a 5% daily steady decline every day for the following 4 weeks. Wouldn't you get the most premium bang for your buck by selling an option with a 1 month expiration tomorrow while the price is inflated and volatility is high instead of selling 1 weekly on the day with the inflated price and then selling 3 more weeklies for the following 3 weeks after the price has already started declining?

    (Obviously it would be hard to predict this scenario is happening, but I just wanted to present a hypothetical scenario for learning and discussion's sake)

  13. Great answer to this question. One of the great advantages to options are their incredible flexibility to your needs and time.

  14. Love the actual information but my favorite part of these clips is seeing your face as you see the conversation in the comments ?

  15. Just because you are doing LEAPS doesn’t mean you are out of the money. I make plenty of profit on in the money options.

  16. fellow teacher, I'm enjoying the videos. I have no clue what I am doing but I am learning

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