Best Expiry Day Option Selling Strategy | Expiry Day Strategy For…

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20 thoughts on “Best Expiry Day Option Selling Strategy | Expiry Day Strategy For…”

  1. Hi sir
    Today i tried this strategy in algo … Our rule is sl should be 50% of total premium…

    My enteries are 17 & 18
    So my overall sl should be 17.5 …. Right?

    My sl of 17 got hit & i got a reentry for same …. And the same happened with 18 also

    Now in algo my overall sl is showing 50% of (17+17+18+18) ….. Which is 35 rs

  2. Any issue with the liquidity of midcap index ?? ….. Matlab entry aur edit mei kuch difficulty face karna hai kya ???

  3. Thank you Good one, you have strategy for all day except Friday, please suggest Friday strategy

  4. Sir ye squareoff bot channel expiry mai trade karta hai auto short straddle adjustment karke kya karta hai Maine decode karne ke koshish ke par muze nahi samja kya aap pata laga sakte hai?

  5. Which algo trading application is good. Please suggest some. Actually I know about quantman, but that doesn't have midcap and sensex option.

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