BEST FUTURE & OPTIONS BUYING STRATEGY | Most Successful Options Strategy With Example (Profit Proof) Free Demat …

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  1. Mujse techmahindra ki 1260 ki pe sell ho gai hai galti se 116 me mai kaise usko cover kru

  2. Instead of synthetic Call Straddle alternative??or Theta value will eat into premium??

  3. Sir, I appreciate your efforts and respect your knowledge. However, I requets you to please reduce your speed with you move ahead as it is difficult to understand the things at such a high speed.

  4. Will be appreciated if i get answer from you.. can i buy paid service of sensibull if i want to do back test ? how can i check past results of my current strategy ? please guide me.. i have already subscribed your channel. i like your contains. thanks in advance

  5. In case if its go down not up then one put buy covered your future buy , because market is going down but your first put which is sell still open and you incurred losses as market is in downtrend.
    Please check once again.

  6. Nice strategy. I am caught in a bad trade please help. I have -150 qty of 12500 Dec CE nifty @188.20 and +75 qty of 12450 Dec CE @443.45.

  7. Thanks sir, sir option ke basic to advance knowledge ke video send krte jaeye. Sopi bhabha me.

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