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26 thoughts on “Best Intraday 9.20 Strategy| Earn 2 to 5K Daily | Stocks Options …”

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  2. Anna endhuku janalni trap cheyalani anukuntunaru, miru chepina strategy work avadhu endhukante risk to reward 1:1 thiskunte roju work avvali strategy but roju work ayye strategy stock market lo undadhu and 5mins break aithe trade thiskomantunaru okavela fake breakouts aithe apudem cheyali atleast 15 min candle break aithe thiskomani chepandi kotha safe ga undochu kani 5mins lo trade thiskomante vallu trap avtharu
    (Note) : thakuva timeframe lo trade chesthe fake breakouts ekuvaga untai, higher timeframe lo kontha thakuva fake breakouts untai? endhanna views kosam work avvani strategies chepthava??‍♂️

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  4. Hi I buy banknifty 8th December 43000 PE for 269 and sell at 384 on same day is this strategy profitable

  5. Bro naku trading ante chala interest but miru cheppedhi naku telidhu miremaina guidence mimmalni contact avvaccha bro
    Naku olymptrade ,quotex e two platformse telusu bro

  6. Inka a rojullo unnaru swami, 9.20 open low strategie ki nse website avasaram ledu , screener vachundi auto selection stocks

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