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  1. is webull good for beginners if you're trying to get into the trading market, specifically to help you make trading options easier and more inform?

  2. Don't use Stash! I've had so much drama in trying to change my bank account. They make it so difficult and I no longer can use but they keep taking fees out of my account even tho I have told them I want to close my account

  3. Webull is better (analysis, news, etc) and overall more complete; Robinhood is nicer looking. More eye candy.

  4. I like Charles Schwab. They're free and have dividends reinvest. They also have stock slices where you can buy fractional shares and pretty good research tools. They also have 24/7 costumer service that you can actually call anytime. Transfers in and out of your account take 24 hours. Transfers put in before 2pm are available for trade the next day. There is also a feature that will calculate your over all dividends for each up coming month, current year and the following year. I'm a long-term dividends investor and it works great for me.

  5. I've notice with M1 the dividends are lower then other brokers. Almost looks like they are keeping part of the dividends. I switched to Charles Schwab because of it. M1 seems shady to me.

  6. Stash kind of pays for itself in a way. Every week, sometimes twice a week, they do these Stash Stock Cash parties and they give away a fraction of a share in a stock. The payout is around 30 cents every week. So, the $1 a month fee is paid back throughout the month. I opened mine up a couple months ago, haven't purchased a single stock, but have $3.19 worth of the free stock and have only paid $2 for the monthly fee.

  7. So say if I buy a call at $37 and break even price is at $40.63. Does that mean it have to be at $40.63 or higher for me to make money?

  8. My favorite is TD Ameritrade, but I started using Robinhood because I can own fractional shares. Good for stocks I can’t afford ☺️

  9. I gotta say my favorite is td ameritrade because of that backtesting feature but I only use Robinhood because it’s simple. Great video as always!

  10. What brokerages have bracketed oco exit orders for options on their mobile app? I use e-trade mobile and Webull and neither does. I like both allot but I don't want to trade spreads or long options unless I can set it and forgot it without turning on my dinosaur desktop.

  11. Brad I love your videos..would you be able to recommend any spreadsheet for a newbie looking to keep track on my option trades

  12. Since canabis is legal now in our state of ny. Any interesting plays for dividend and or growth in this space. I know a few months back canabis stock were the rave.

  13. Hey Brad (or anyone that can answer) I’ve accumulated 140 shares of Apple in TD Ameritrade account … I did not buy them all at once. I bought them over time. I just started writing covered calls on those shares. Just one contract for a 100 shares every 30 days.If my option is exercised and I am called out of my 100 shares. What determines the specific shares that are being bought away from me? Is it the first 100 shares I bought ? or the last 100 shares I bought ? Any help in furthering my understanding when it comes to selling covered calls would be appreciated.

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