Best IQ Option Strategy for 2021-Best Binary Options Strategy 2…

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45 thoughts on “Best IQ Option Strategy for 2021-Best Binary Options Strategy 2…”

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  2. Hi Cris, I watching your video how to learn the IQ option, I want to learn more about this I'm a new this I tryy first time to do but I get lost always. Plss help me..

  3. For the call in some video you said the red line must be above the cross between the yellow and the blue line. Could you explain please ?

  4. OMG , OMTIME!! I want to see 2022, to see 2022 close we need to do candle because candle are old style! Candle need to be finished before 2023!

  5. This right here and that of the 2 minutes strategy worked like magic! I subscribed immediately ?. You're simply amazing Cris❤. Thanks!

  6. Hey man, I have tried this strategy but so far I have only lost money. Currently in a span of a couple of days I placed 9 trades and won 3. I watched the video multiple times and am sure I am doing everything just like you said so I really want to figure out what the problem is. Can the time I trade at daily or my broker (IQ Options) influence my results in such a negative way?Please if someone could help me I would appreaciate it much.

    Love your vids,just hope I can make some money soon

  7. Salaam (peace) This looks like a very nice strategy. Thank you for sharing. My phone IQ platform does not appear to have the same features as what I see on your and other's laptop platforms. Do you use the phone app as well or stick primarily with your computer?

  8. Hi BLW thank you for publishing this video, im pretty sure today is the wrong day to practice but ive watched this video about 5 times, and i just waited 2h30m across 4 different currency pairs before i got a position that adheared to all 3 criteria, and the first trade was a success ( practicing on demo until im completely at ease)

  9. I see the candle time is 5 minutes, what about the chart, what's the time frame? Also purchase time, is it 5 minutes also or 1 minute?

  10. Thank you so much. I'm ecstatic with this video. I'm definitely subscribing and following for more tips. God bless you.

  11. Looks a wonderful one Cristian. Though I should test it myself: Can one use 1 munite chat instead of 5 minutes and put a fixed 5min expiry time to avoid setting on every trade?

  12. Hey Christian, wanna say a big big big thank you for this strategy. Its not an 100% strategy but if u trade decently, u will make an honest living trading smart. Once again, big thanks ✊????

  13. hello Cristian – thank you for the video just 2 questions from my side: 1. do you have any favorite pairs to watch/trade? 2. is it possible to have an alert/alarm once the SMA crosses? or do you have to watch the charts constantly? any advice on above would be much appreciated

  14. Hi, I'm from Iran and I always follow your training, you teach very well and I love you very much, even though I find English hard, but I listen in full detail and learn and use, thank you my friend

  15. Your the only one who talked and actually talked english in a iq option video, the rest is actually music for a background ?

  16. New to your channel. Thanks for the clear instructions! I have a couple of questions:
    1. Do you have to set the indicators once only or every time you use a different currency?
    2. Does this strategy work on OTC platforms (in the weekend) or just for trading during the week?
    Looking forward to your response! 🙂

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