Best Places to Open a Roth IRA

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  1. Hey Jeff, this video is so old, what is the BEST place TODAY to open a Roth IRA at? Need answer ASAP, need to move my $$. Thank you Jeff. Also, been following your channel awhile now, just wish I had more time to watch more. Keep up your awesome channel! ??

  2. How do you feel about investing with Merrill Edge, as a company, fees , and honesty? I have a rollover IRA with them. I’ve had it for about 2 years just seating there without doing nothing, I though it was in the market generating for me but it wasn’t the case, now I’m looking to see if I should leave it with them just so they can manage it for me or look for a better option. I don’t have any experience in this field all this is new to me and I’m just trying to make the right choice. Can you advise?

  3. I opened my Roth IRA with M1 Finance with dividend focused stocks, but I have a taxable account with vanguard ETFs as the base 😛
    So far they are doing well.

  4. If I have both a Roth IRA (contributing 4%) and Roth 401k (contributing 9% with highest availble match), should I max out the Roth IRA first or put that money into the Roth 401k?
    Please help, there is very limited information about Roth 401k vs Roth IRA.

  5. Vanguard is the best. Here is a tip, if a investment company spends money to advertise, who do you think pays for those ads. Their clients, I mean suckers. Here is another tip, index funds, index funds, did I mention index funds.

  6. What do you think of USAA? Have had a Roth IRA with them for 7-8 years now? Figured you would know since you were in the military as well.

  7. I opened with TD Ameritrade for free and started investing immediately. I have full control over all my investments and their apps really make it easy to sit in the driver's seat.

  8. I am a real estate investor and looking to expand my business. I am interested in helping people with IRA's make 5-10%, sometimes even more, return on their investment. Feel free to text message or call me @ 804-491-6921

  9. I'm 25 and want to use my savings that is non emergency for good use. Is roth ira my best option? What would allow me to pull my money in case I want it early?

  10. I wish you'd get to the point. I hate people like you who make long videos and ramble on and on on about shit that we already know..

  11. I have a multi layered question concerning a Roth . Can I start one with Scottrade and just fund it and let it grow, or do I have to actively buy or trade stocks? I Would prefer just to contribute to the max and be hands off or is this unreasonable to assume I can do? Your help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  12. Thank you for your videos, Jeff. I didn't know NOTHING about Ira, Roth IRA nor Traditional IRA until I've watched your enthusiastic videos. I have now opened an IRA account through NFCU. Traditional and Roth for my wife and for myself. I wish I could have started on this long ago in my early 20's. Will be 38 this year.

  13. I opened mine up at TD Ameritrade for free and started investing once i got to $200…a year later and I've saved about $5,000!

  14. ROTH IRA with a Temporary Life Insurance is the way to go, we all hope to live after 30 yrs not everyone dies. thats the reason we get ira and life. universal will give you at max 10,000$ back if you live after 30yrs and if you pass away they give back 50% of the money you put in. dumb. temporary secures you at a 100% if you contracted for 100,000$-300,000$ for 30 yrs. and you pass away they give that contracted amount. BUT if ou dont pass away, YOU GET ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, BUT meanwhile IRA ROTH has been tripling your money while those 30yrs passed now youre living and now you want money to enjoy and retire, the ira does exactly that. think about it guys

  15. I don't want to mess with ETFs, mutual funds, converting my money into gold certificates or none of that crap, I just want to put cash into the damn thing whenever I have it then pull it out when I'm old.

  16. wondering about state farm ira…and roth.? i have my insurance and was offered a universal… im looking for a retirement account

  17. im 18 years old and im a beggining trader and im intrested in preparing for my long term. this video helped me with some of my questions about iras. thanks

  18. Hi Jeff! Sounds great. But what do you think about TD AMERITRADE? Any thoughts, would be most appreciated.

  19. dont listen to this guy. the whole retirement programs are scam to put money into Wallstreet pocket. Why do u think the government purposely hammer interest rate that u barely see over 1%? Because they want to push you to the market, which is pretty much gambling. Park your money in either moneymarket account or just savings account, u can pull out when you need it, or invest small portion to dividend stocks of stable companies. Buy real estate and hard commodities to hedge against inflation and government regulation. But NEVER OPEN A IRA OR 401K ACCOUNT.

  20. Do you think is a good idea to put money for retirement in a new investor company? I don't think so. Low fees can end up cost you more money.

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