Best Retirement Calculator – Simple Excel Spreadsheet

Download my ultimate retirement calculator excel spreadsheet by visiting the below link: …

17 thoughts on “Best Retirement Calculator – Simple Excel Spreadsheet”

  1. Thanks, good work. How about adding columns for 1] taxable accounts (brokerage) 2] Annuity/Pension

  2. Hello, and thank you for doing this work and sharing. Do you have any other information that helps understand how the columns work. I can study the formulas to get some idea, and in some cases I am coming up short understanding how a certain column/calculation works. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again.

  3. Great work! Do you have a google sheet version of this calculator you can share? When I convert the file it loses some of the features. Thank you!

  4. Great Calculator. Since I’m married and my wife works, how would you suggest to use this sheet best?

    Could I just add all income, savings and SS together?

  5. Good Day,
    Appreciate the work you have already done on this spread sheet and for a simple portfolio it does a nice job. Unfortunately I have both a ROTH and a Traditional IRA as well as a bit of cash in my savings account, which this current version does not take into consideration.

    I also have a pension that I know is rare now a days. So in addition to my Social Security I'll be getting a pension and just taking out a little of my IRA's money each month. I am trying to find something or build something that will allow me to better track the draw down of my IRS's into the future.

    Good luck on any future refinements to the sheet, I am sure it will help some people better visualize what they need to do before retirement.

  6. I really like your work! Have you thought about adding a brokerage savings option? It would help round-out the tax options for investments…

  7. Similar/same question as Larry below… I have a state retirement system monthly benefit amount (that I can calculate elsewhere) to factor in. Where and how do I add that to the spreadsheet? Excellent work. Thank you.

  8. I like this calculator, but l have a pension that will not be inflation adjusted, how will l add that to another line.

  9. Hi and thanks for sharing this tool! I'm a spreadsheet guy and I love this! I noticed that you added the social security benefit to the tool and having that rounds out the number even closer. One question – I also have another source of retirement income that's taxable and was wondering if there would be a problem if I just added that to the social security benefit amount. Were there any caps put for that benefit? This would provide an even more accurate estimate for my situation.

  10. This is a great sheet would like to be able to input stock/ Bond percentage. My workaround was to change the ROI on Bond to a higher number ( 2.5% I changed to 5%)

  11. This has some very nice features. Would be perfect for us if it had: 1. Separate retirement accounts/annual savings/matching amounts for spouse. 2. Dollar amount increases in savings (mortgage paid off at a certain year). 3. Social Security withdrawals. 4. Brokerage account to use for early retirement (age 55-59.5).

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