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  1. I don't understand what it means that I have $111,272.58 account value but I have a total value of $192,090.37 with a negative -$80,845.20 cash. Then it says I have $15,213.69 buying power. Makes no sense.

  2. Are we charged for using the think or swim simulator after the 60 day trial period? What happens after the 60 day trial?

  3. I kind of want to make trades once per week is there a way to speed up the clock on one of these simulators like 10 seconds is equal to one day or something.

  4. I totally agreed with you. Learning from your mistakes is the best way to strengthen your skills. Nine years ago when I started trading in forex I lost my two accounts in a few months but then I started learning. Now with my personal Account I am also using a $250k account of tradethepool for stocks trading.

  5. Trade the pool has a trading software with an excellent demo, it can also help a beginner trader with opening a new account, they set up trading accounts, I didn't have it at the beginning and I had a lot of difficulty

  6. Loved the video , great information on these essential platforms. do you happen to know if there is a Level 2 for the TDAmeritrade simulator ? that would help a lot. TIA

  7. I have a stock game that only gives me 10,000 dollars and I’m a kid and I made 0 dollars so far because I just downloaded it so in a week I will be a millionaire but it is fake money I did not put in 10,000 dollars

  8. Hi, in a nutshell.. what would you recommend as the safest stock that makes money? And what platform would work best?

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